Monday, August 3, 2015


During my visit with the surgeon a week or so after the second gallbladder surgery he told me he gave me the picture so that future doctors would know just how scarred my liver is.  There is scarring from two gallbladder surgeries, fatty infiltration, and 57 years of filtration of toxins.

Before the surgery I had already stopped taking a medication which is highly toxic on the liver.  I am just going without the benefits of the medication.  I am learning there are things I can do to compensate for the problem without the medication.

I was put back on Zetia now that the cystic duct is also gone.


The surgeon was clear - "your liver is scarred beyond what would be seen in a 57 year old who is not a drinker." 


I do not drink a lot - it normally takes all summer for me to drink a six pack of Shiner Bock beer.  In a year I drink maybe two fifths of Maker's Mark.  I do keep a 12 year old bottle of Flor de Caña rum in the house, but that is mostly for guests - same for the tequila. 

I will continue to keep the hard stuff for company, but I am done.

While I do not drink a lot, the smart choice is not to add to the liver problems by drinking even in small quantities - it is not worth the gamble.  Some doctors laugh at me because I get real serious about certain foods when my fasting blood sugar hits 110.  I am just serious about this.  It has to be under 110.  I am not going to allow it to slowly creep up to the point of diabetes.

All of my doctors agree my inner core is in good shape.  I have a very healthy cardiovascular system.  This comes from becoming a gym rat when I was 16.  Yes I slowed down at about age 53 or so, but all of those years built a healthy cardiovascular system.  I could not control the weigh problem - when the hypothalamus went so to did my metabolism - but that does not mean I cannot continue to keep a healthly core -namely a healthy cardiovascular system.

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