Thursday, August 27, 2015

On the PADA FB page I posted a video of a social experiment wherein women are being assaulted and the other people in the elevator are doing nothing to stop it.  This says a lot about we as a people.  When will you care?  When you get the call your loved when is dead?


I just fired the third Title Company.  I cannot even now hire a real estate attorney to do a simple warranty deed.  The buyer may be willing to forgo title Insurance.  The manufactured home by close of business today, because of my work, not the Title Company will provide her a clear title to the home. 

The land has two deeds.  One in 1987, when my brother brought a bunch of land from our step-mom and her husband.  The deed is clean as can be.  Then in 1998, pursuant to Letters Testamentary from the probate court, the Executor as Executor and Individually deeded another .38 acres to my brother pursuant to the will.  The Grantor is the executor as appointed by the Probate Court, and not our step mom.

Without an affidavit from someone who has no interest in this matter stating that Dorothy's nickname was Jimmie - she would be 108 today if she were alive, the Title companies refuse to close the deal.  I paid to have this all reviewed by a lawyer in Houston and they are dumbfounded by the conduct of the Title company lawyers.

It is so bad the lawyers claim they have the right to strip my brother and sister in law from signing the closing papers.  They do not.  Only a probate judge can do this or they can do it voluntarily. 

So we were to close tomorrow - we will not.  The new owners already live in the home.  I am waiting to learn if the buyer will forgo the Title Insurance and accept a warranty deed as prepared by a Houston lawyer.  A local real estate attorney did not know the difference between a Quite Claim Deed and Warranty Deed.  It is a nightmare.  I was up until 3:30 pulling the deeds and probate papers to forward to the Title company which had refused to pull them.

I just finished forwarding everything to everyone, including verification I paid the estimated 2015 taxes, which is required to change title on a manufactured home.

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