Friday, August 21, 2015

You did what's right and this has got to stop....
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  • Jessica Tetreau Thank you. I'm so grateful to you for your friendship and understanding.
Cata we all know you have taught your son to be a homophobic bully, are you going to be like Jessica and now teach him to beat women.  This woman suffered severe head injuries and you defend Jessica for running cover for him.
Cata you were born trash and will die trash.
Your endorsement of this domestic abuse will be an issue in your campaign.  It is forever saved.
Your endorsement of use of falsified police complaints to silence speech make you nothing short of a Nazi - again your comment is saved and will be used against you in your campaign.
What has to stop Cata is you associating with criminals,  and costing BISD taxpayers millions.
Come on Juanito, you going to now protect Cata for endorsing Jessica's abuse of women and not paying her workers.  What is your fee to Cata to change your hatred of Jessica.  The blogosphere awaits to learn your price. 

Who will be your highest bidder - Zeke or Cata?  Do not forget I expect my 50%. 


Anonymous said...

Cata and Jessica are the same breed of trash

BobbyWC said...

As God is my witness on Bela, Jessica is the one who confirmed for me the story of Cata's tirade at the airport. That is why I got the video. I did not believe it when it appeared I think on Barton's blog. I spoke with Jessica and she told me she was embarrassed for her children and that her son kept on asking why was that woman acting that way.

But Cata is hopelessly stupid and will continue to believe Jessica's lies. I can assure you Melissa Landin now knows Jessica is a pathological liar and will never trust her again.

Cata will go down. I have other texts and emails I saved on her from Jessica - they will come out if she runs for reelection.

Jessica is friends to no one. My rule is no sacred cows - everyone knows it - so everything I get is fair game. But I do have rules and running cover for a man who abuses a woman because that man is your employee and can go public with how you cheat them on their paycheck you have crossed the line and then everything I have on you goes public.

It should shock no one Cata Presas-Garcia supports domestic abuse - just ask her eunuch husband - Adrian - I cannot believe he has not divorced her yet. Minerva has told me stories of Cata's dalliances.

You screw children or abuse women or men and everything I have on you goes public.

Thanks to the reader who reminded me men are also abused. I am sorry for the oversight.

For the record I have lots of trash on lots of public figures who work with me, but they have not crossed the line on the abuse of children, or men and women. We can agree to differ and I let it go. I get politics and how people want to feed me trash - so I let it go.

But when you abuse children or support the abuse of men or women then my entire portfolio on you goes public

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Cara La Rata have in that bag? looks like she saying to the voters that is what they need after she files more lawsuits to try to get rich off the taxpayer?

BobbyWC said...

The reality is Cata's comment is really targeted at me because she seeks to silence anyone who speaks the truth about her corruption and how she has cost BISD millions of dollars. For the record I want all BISD trustees removed. Not a one of them is honest.

She really does not give a crap she is defending Jessica and Art for stealing from their minimum wage employees, and running cover for a man accused of beating a women with three children. She had to flee with two of her children. Thank god the oldest was at 6 Flags with the grandmother.

The parents are asking that the feds intervene and have the Texas Rangers enforce the law and arrest the accuser of Chief Rodriguez's and DA Saenz objection. They are working with various organizations to pressure the state to enforce the law Chief Rodriguez and DA Saenz refuse to enforce. You watch when it happens they each will blame the other.

Cata is also mad the AG is about to sued BISD to get the documents which prove eventhough she is suing Carl Montoya for civil rights violations she voted to extend his contract after he agreed to restore her travel.

BISD over a month ago was told release the documents or face suit. BISD has chosen to use your tax dollars to defend the AG lawsuit to protect Cata so she does not squeal on every one who was involved. The lawsuit also involves Cesar Lopez's lie about asking Otis Powers for a special school board meeting for stop gap insurance.

It should shock no one that Jessica so desperate to defend the indefensible stands with Cata in her corruption and waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.

These two deserve each other.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

As my readers know I have not come to the defense of any BISD trustees as Juanito trashes then on a regular basis for pay - Cata. The more he trashes them the happier I am. He trashes Minerva like no other and I say nothing.

So Cata please do tell the low IQ people like Jessica who are your friends when will you show her real friendship and say Enough is Enough with Juanito trashing Jessica? Never because you are a lying piece of trash who like Jessica knows nothing about morals or ethics.

The fact she knows you pay Juanito to trash people, and Juanito trashs her tells us all just how sick the two of you really are.

Bobby WC