Sunday, August 9, 2015


If I could buy all of my books in English written to be read right to left I would.  I learned a long time ago, this is how my brain works.

In terms of the written language some are read left to right, right to left, top to bottom by column etc.  This had to have occurred because the first person to write language did it based on how  their brain works, thereby forcing everyone else to follow, independent of how their brain works.

I can read the above three times as fast as if it were straight up and down and left to right. 

Being forced to read in a way my brain did not function caused me to be a slow reader and impacted my reading comprehension.  I did not have ADD, I had boredom while reading.  It took so long to read my mind would drift thereby interfering with my reading comprehension. 

In maybe 4th grade a teacher told me I just had to concentrate harder when I read in order to improve my reading comprehension.  I did.  All my teachers were confused by my lower grades because they knew my mind was like a sponge in desperate needed of knowledge.  I never stopped trying to learn more and more.  They knew I was not lazy.

Over time I learned to read with a pencil - word by word.  I would read a sentence and then tell myself what I just read.  I then reached the point of a paragraph.  In time I reached the point of a page.  I cannot get past a page without having to repeat to myself what I just read.  Technical reading still requires I repeat what I read after a paragraph.

But some years ago a neurologist had me read right to left and I zoomed through the pages he gave me with 100% comprehension.

In today's age of computers it would not be a challenge to reconfigure text books and regular books to be read right to left or top to bottom by columns.

We should at least be willing to test children with reading comprehension problems to see if their comprehension improves when they read right to left or top to bottom by columns.

As I have proved, through self training, I can read left to right, but it is a challenge.  But my thirst for knowledge drives me even though I am a very slow reader.  In any given year I will bet I read more books than most people do in a life time.

It is very sad when I meet a college graduate who tells me they stopped reading after college.  What a shame - beyond the shame how do they stay current in their field?


Anonymous said...

Your are correct, you did not have ADD. However, you perhaps could have been diagnosed with dyslexia which is a reading disorder characterized by trouble reading despite normal intelligence Treatment usually involves adjusting teaching methods to meet the person's needs. While this does not cure the underlying problem, difficulties can be ameliorated.

BobbyWC said...

you are right on the numbers issue. but my letters were nevet reversed. i just read fastet right to left. my neurologist had confirmed it is a brain function issue. we are all different. also i am right handed but can only use the mouse with my left hand. again it is a brain function issue. it is time we look to the science and stop using old excuses

Anonymous said...

Dyslexia is much more than reversal of letters and numbers.