Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I have finally sold my brother's home, but there are title problems and problems moving the water and electric into the hands of the new owners.  I am one of two people with POA over the estate of my brother and sister in law.  So everything has to be signed by one POA in Virginia and then me and then forwarded to the realtor, the title company, the state, the water company, or the electric company.  In order the for buyer to move in this weekend so she can register her daughter in the school district I am having to prepare a lease for $1 until we can close.  The land is clear, but 15 years ago the finance company failed to file a release of lien on the premanufactured home.  They are out of business and the Dallas post office will not return as undeliverable the request I sent to the finance company.  I need the envelope for the state to agree to change the title to the new owner clear of any liens.
The doctors seem to agree they are presuming certain findings are cancer based on statistical probabilities that certain scan pictures are probably cancer.  The location of the suspected cancer cannot be biopsied because of the person's age.  The scans show possible cancer, but they cannot call it with certainty.  In fact one finding is quite often not cancer, but they are proceeding as if it is.
I'm caught in the middle having to explain this to a lot of people and no one is happy.  Without a biopsy it is a diagnosis on a statistical probability.  How does the patient and family understand this?.  But caution says you proceed as if it is cancer.  The doctors agree the person has zero symptoms of cancer or even being sick.
Three friends I made my first days at UTEP in 1976, messaged me on FB.  It was three great hours.  I cannot believe 35 years after graduation how alike we are in every way.  One was celebrating her daughter's marriage to her wife.  Another is celebrating the publication of her book.  She is a mathematician, but published a book on religious freedom in Rhode Island while noting some of my family members.  The third is living a very comfortable life in Vegas.  We all want to get together and hike in the mountains such as we did in El Paso. 
The clarity of memories of our best times was so cool.
So just when you think your day is going bad, three old friends find you and turn your day into a great three hours.
Oh, for a very select few people I am accepting friends on my FB page.  But only my friends can see my friends.  So if I rejected you in the past I may accept you now.  Nothing personal if I say no - I am being very selective, 

Wednesday is a nightmare - getting Bela registered in a new school, changing Buster's bandage, completing the lease on my brothers home, working with the electric company, and leaving by 11 a.m. for the Harlingen airport to meet family and have them follow me to SPI.  I will then spend the day with the on SPI.  You can bet they are buying dinner at Dirty Al's.

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