Monday, August 24, 2015

On many issues the blogs have been united.  Lincoln Park is a good example.  That battle is far from over.  An acceptable con is being negotiated. 
We have been united in our opposition to United Brownsville.  If we can get the 4th vote to end TSC's support of United Brownsville, it will maybe provide BISD the courage to end its support.  It will be a powerful start to ending this con on Brownsville and obstacle to a Cameron County Metroplex.
The blogs are in opposition to LNG.  Although only the BV has demanded Carlos Masso come out against LNG.  As a Port Commission it is his job to send a message the people do not want it.  But the problem is the blogs are also united against Luis Saenz, for the most part.  Carlos Masso will secure far more votes coming out against LNG, than he will get in financial support by saying nothing.
On the Carlos Masso LNG issue, the blogs fail.  They are giving him a pass because they want him to defeat Luis Saenz.  Well in my opinion he will defeat Luis Saenz if he stands with the people on this issue.  Carlos Masso coming out against LNG could create a landslide of other politicians coming out against LNG, and LNG will be no more.
LNG is the elephant in the room of Carlos Masso's campaign headquarters which no one wants to talk about.  If Saenz sees the value in the issue first it will cost Masso the election. It is time the blogs unite in pushing Carlos Masso to openly oppose LNG - it is good for Brownsville, Port Isabel and South Padre, and good for Carlos Masso's campaign.
With McHale you never know what is real or fiction , but an over night cruise to Cuba from Brownsville might work, especially if it includes a casino.  Now would this not be a better use of our port?

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