Monday, August 31, 2015

It is no great secret I want to move on from blogging to write a book on the social construct and the evolution of law.  Intricately related to the social construct and the evolution of law is the etymology of words.  The social construct creates words and changes their meaning over time.
"Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. By extension, the term "the etymology of [a word]" means the origin of the particular word. Etymon is also used in English to refer to the source word of a given word. For example, Latin candidus, which means "white", is the etymon of English candid."


I do have a publicist in LA in the music industry who has promised to help me find an agent if the book works.  The "Celestine Prophecy" started as a self published book, which has now made millions through the mainstream press. 

My challenge is my analytical model which forms the foundation for the book is about 40 pages.  It is also changing with each new book I read - not substantively, but with examples which are easier to understand.  A friend has suggested that rather then include the analytical model within the primary text of the book, to place it in the appendix.  It is not a random model.  It is based on endless research wherein I look at changes in the law through the ever changing social construct and how in the process words change meaning or are developed.

I am working on an introduction which basically profiles penguins to make my point. I know enough I have to soften the book to make it readable.  I am thinking of making it into historical fiction as an adventure which uses the key parts of the analytical model to introduce each new turn in the adventure.

I know the trolls are upset with my use of the work lemministic.  But this is how words get created.  If you know how words are formed you would not need a dictionary to tell you it means acting like a lemming.  One day it may catch on or it may not.  But it if does, it will then officially be put into a recognized dictionary.  This is how the evolution of words work.

The social construct must change because we change.  How it changes is dependent on who is leading the change.  Obviously a Hitler can move a society to disaster while a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., can move the social construct to make people think about how great we can be united.

For modern purposes how the German people came to buy into Hitler is essential into understanding the social construct and the evolution of law.

This is why the issue is so important.  I am not going to pretend the fine line between liberty and oppression is easy to demark.  Freedom of speech is meaningless if no one is listening.  The people of Brownsville are summarily dismissed because our elected officials do not respect our freedom of speech or interests.  So how are we any different than Cuba. on this issue? - we are not.

Today the Republicans are playing to the far religious right to lead the pack going into the first presidential caucuses and primaries.   The law on public servants is over 200 years old, but to please the religious Taliban in the US, the Republicans play to them that as public servants they have the right to discriminate in their capacity as a public servant if it offends their religious beliefs. 

The reason they are provided immunity from suit in most cases is because they are not acting as individuals but in their representative capacity as the state.  The state has no religion.

This is an example of how if this change takes hold, the social construct created by it will destroy our freedoms.  This is why we must understand this issue and how a shift in the social construct for political gain can destroy our society.

I know of no one suggesting a Rabbi should marry a Catholic.  The same goes for gays and lesbians.  I would be the first person against any law which compels a church to marry a couple who is not a member of their church and complies with their doctrine.  But the church is not the state.


I am the first to celebrate all of these self made billionaires.  Success is a good thing.  Many of the self made billionaires given millions upon millions to programs to create sustainability options for the poor and uneducated.  This is the corporate American we want.

But many boorish nouveau riche, remind me of the wives of the Russian officers who marched through Berlin in nightgowns because they did not know the difference between something you sleep in verses something you wear to a gathering.  The good news is a great many of the new rich are not boorish.  They do not feel compelled to cheat their workers while flaunting their wealth made on the backs of minimum wage workers.

A lot of these nouveau riche made their money in corporations and now seek to change the social construct from social change for the better of the country to change for them and their families. 

This is why my research is important.  If we do not stop the corporatists we will lose our freedoms.

We are being attacked at two ends - by the American Religious Taliban and the corporatists.  The good news is they are beginning to splinter. 

It is one thing to simply write my opinion which you are a free to accept or reject.  But its is another thing for me to document my theory with a 40 page analytical model which supports my findings.

I do not care if it ever gets published.  I suspect I will never date again, so reading and writing is my mistress.  And even in general jargon, the meaning of the word mistress has changed.  It can simply mean the person with whom you find intimacy.  It does not have to be derogatory.  It is also taking on an understanding as referring to a man or a woman, when used in the positive context.


We all know our environment and tourism are key to what is right with our area.  But the money and promise of false power have forces trying to move us from a community which respects its environment and tourism to society prepared to sacrifice it for pollution if it means money. 

This is an attempt to change our mores - a move in our social construct in terms of how we feel about our area.

There is no way I would ever vote for Saenz, but now Masso is out.  As a Port Commission he has now had enough time to stand up for the will of the people and speak out against LNG.  Masso knows nothing about the political history of the area.  SPI and Port Isabel organized against Gilbert Hinojosa and he was tossed from office.  This is Masso's future.  SPI and Port Isabel will not vote for him.

Masso is too busy calculating his political future and false power to think about how one gets elected.  Votes.

Talk against LNG is cheap.  The BV remains the only blog not giving Carlos Masso a pass on this issue.  He wants to be our DA claiming he will defend us.  But right now we are under attack by some of the biggest polluters in the US who want to destroy who we are, and where is Masso? - taking their money and ignoring the interests of the people.

Dude, it is not your fake promises which count, but your actions.  And you know what, he does not need to take money directly from LNG, he just needs to take it from those who support it.

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