Saturday, August 22, 2015

Look, a large number of people in Cameron county because it is a presidential race and Hillary Clinton will be at the top of the ballot [I will be voting Bernie Sanders in the primaries] will vote a straight ticket - Democrat.  Sheriff Lucio will win - that election is over.  You can expect very little coverage on the sheriff's race.
County Judge and County Commissioners - we need people who understand Brownsville is wrong in their extra territorial jurisdiction lawsuit, and how to turn Cameron county into a metroplex.  This is how I will cover these races.  I do not care who you are, what you have done in the past, or who you associate with, if you can articulate a path to a Cameron county metroplex, the BV will be giving you a lot of positive coverage.  If you cannot, the BV will be pointing out you have no vision on this issue.  Again, who you are or your past means nothing to me at this point.  I care about moving Cameron county forward as a metroplex and if you have the vision and knowledge in how to do it, the BV will be with you- all past differences aside.

The other election is the judgeships.  I will be looking at the judges' record and then go from there.  The 445th is an open seat so that race will be decided on the character of the candidates. There may be an interim appointment from Governor Abbott, but they will not have been on the bench long enough to have an appellate record to judge their work. You cannot be tied to the corruption and expect the BV to run cover for you.  The BV will cover your history of corruption.


There is no chance I will be voting for Saenz.  But we do not yet know who is running.  There is still time for other candidates to get in the race, especially if Saenz is forced to resign or is indicted.  In January we will know who the candidates are.  All I know for sure is there is no way Saenz will get my vote.


So long as he keeps my family and I out of it, he can print any lie or deception he wants for his paid advertising candidates.  As has been pointed out to me many times, no one believes a word he says so there is no reason for me to point out his lies for the candidates who pay him. 

I gave him a free hand on Jessica and never defended against his lies once I announced that free hand.  I gave him a free hand on BISD, and have not come to the defense of anyone at BISD.  To a person they are all corrupt.

The people want substance and that is what the BV will deliver.  If I have to point out to you Juanito's writing is bought and paid for, then I lost that battle before I penned one word.  So have it Juanito - get word out so long as you keep me and my family out of it those who pay you will not have me pointing out your lies.  They are already presumed so why should I get involved. 

My readers will get the good, the bad and the ugly on all candidates.  But as to the commissioners race, there will be a lot of coverage on who does and does not have a vision and the knowledge to make Cameron county into a metroplex.  And again, I do not care who you are, or who your friends are, or what you have done in the past.  If you have the vision and the knowledge of how to make Cameron county into a metroplex, the BV will be giving you a lot of positive coverage- all past difference aside. 


Paul said...

I agree. Brownsville ( and the Valley ) needs to see beyond being "City States" and look to become the "City of the Valley" for lack of a better name. The power of one big city ( make it like Houston ) would carry a lot of power.
Oh well. I can dream and hope.

BobbyWC said...

For this to happen Paul, we need to be willing to forgive and forget the past of people we maybe did not support in the past. I do not care who they are if they have the vision and the knowledge in how to carry out the metroplex concept, the BV will give them a lot of positive coverage - The past is the past, and all I care about is where we are headed. if you have the vision, our disagreements in the past are now meaningless to me.

Bobby WC