Saturday, August 8, 2015

The latest Donald Trump rift comes from the following twitter comment about Megyn Kelly on Fox news and her handling of her debate questions made at Donald Trump.
"Friday night on CNN, Mr. Trump complained of Ms. Kelly’s disposition toward him at the debate, saying, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever"
Now it is not irrational to suggest Trump was suggesting Ms. Kelly was mentrating, but he did not say that, and unfortunately that is how the NYT's is reporting it.
"Donald J. Trump’s suggestion that a Fox News journalist had forcefully questioned him at the Republican presidential debate because she was menstruating cost him a speaking slot Saturday night at an influential gathering of conservatives in Atlanta. It also raised new questions about how much longer Republican Party leaders would have to contend with Mr. Trump’s disruptive presence in the primary field."
Further from the NYT:
"Even before Friday night, prominent Republican women said they were worried about how female voters would respond to Mr. Trump’s prominence on the debate stage, where he defended imprecations like “fat pigs” and “bimbo” to describe women — and his rivals did not chide him.
But Mr. Trump’s suggestion that Ms. Kelly had been harsh with him because she was menstruating caused a new bout of consternation among senior Republican leaders, who saw it as the latest evidence that they would not be able to fully conduct a primary campaign as long as he was overwhelming the race."
In another news service this morning a reader posed the question, why the near dead silence by the Republican leadership when the comments against Mexicans were made, but now outrage because a female Fox News commentator was Trump's target?
I would suggest the candidates would be equally outraged had Trump made derogatory comments against a male Fox reporter.  I would suggest this is Republicans feigning concern so as not to offend Fox news and not to defend women.
The Republicans better get their act together soon on Trump.  He should be banned from the debates as an embarrassment to the Republican brand.  If they fail to ban him from the future debates, they will be rebranded as Trump's Republican Party.

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