Sunday, August 2, 2015

I am so enjoying my evenings.  TV has reached the point that with rare exception it is beyond boring.  At night this allows me to sit on the pool deck taking in a nice cool breeze, while rereading Blackstone.  The endless acquisition of knowledge is my mistress, and I love him.  We make choices for whatever reason - and somehow I find great joy and comfort in my mistress.  Yes, life would have been different had I found the right person for a life time together - but it did not happen - so I embrace my mistress of knowledge.
I was senior in college when my professor tried to get me to continue for a masters in sociology, with a promise she would get me into a good university for my doctorate.  A true sociologist embraces anthropology, archaeology, history, political science, psychology, and even more.  She saw this in me as my papers read as if I were a student in each of these fields.  While I did not know the term back then, I always strived to perceive events or findings through the eyes of the people or group we were looking at, and not through the eyes of modern times.  In part this is contrapuntal analysis. 
Far too many anthropologists during a dig will find bones and make findings based on modern day notions.  It seems to me the sociology of cavemen will always be clouded in mystery.  We cannot possibly conceive of what their life was like in order to be able to interpret bones.  The most we have are cave drawings, which even then are subject to interpretation.  Were they instructional drawings for younger cave people, were they art, or were they just drawn out of boredom.  But they do tell us something of their ways. 
The depiction of sex was not taboo - drawings of both homosexual and heterosexual sex are common. One could present a hypothesis that such drawings tell us that they were more concerned with daily survival than creating rules about private matters.  If this hypothesis is correct, then one might further conclude that once man found safety he/she had time to create laws and rules of behavior.  An interesting dichotomy because it would then seem once man found safety from the elements he was then subjected to a new terror - himself.
Senator Graham represents the State of South Carolina.  When he first announced his interest in running for President, the Right tried to make a big deal over the fact he never married - the innuendo game began.
Pubic service can be a very rewarding mistress.  Anthropologist, archeologists, primatologists, and many more field professions never marry beyond their field of study.  They find peace in being in the field discovering and unravelling knowledge. 
Why do we have to ponder if being single means you are gay, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, transgender non-binary.  Why is it impossible to conceive of a single older man as being simply a cisgender heterosexual?
When man was given freedom from defending his clan from the elements and competing clans, he was afforded the time to judge based on what the leader decided is normal, and not based in science.  They became safe from the elements and opposing clans, but not from the ignorance each held in themselves.
All over this country judges and other elected officials remain single.  Some marry temporarily to be able to move up the political ladder, only to divorce later when the marriage is no longer needed.
Those who embrace their profession as a real mistress and find joy in their mistress will serve well, while those who never learn public service can be a wonderful mistress will find themselves misguided in their public service.
Being single means nothing about a person's sexuality.  With such a high break up rate before marriage and such a high divorce rate after marriage, some people find greater utility in remaining single and being married to their profession or public service.  I say hats off to these people.
While people love to assume all priests have sex, this is not true.  Most are married to their profession.  Celibacy is not a punishment, but a choice.  While I believe the reason behind celibacy in the Catholic church is dishonest, it nevertheless makes for a better church.  If all priests could marry, they would not be able to travel the world and do the work they do.  I could not imagine the Jesuit Order surviving if they were allowed to marry. 
But whether in your profession or public life you remain single because you are not cisgender heterosexual, it is time to accept yourself and stop worrying what others may think.
I have lead my life this way.  I dismiss the bigots - for they are too ignorant to know their misguided ways.
In short, I always say, if you cannot be yourself who can you be?  Stop cheating yourself and live your life as you were born.  I am not suggesting calling everyone you know and announcing all of a sudden you are transgender.  Caitlyn Jenner made it into a circus. Just live your life.  Take a chance.
If you take a chance on yourself - you may find you can have two mistresses - your profession and your lover.  For if I ever find anyone they will have to accept my insatiable desire for knowledge and the fact I am a prolific reader will not end.  He will have to share me with my nonhuman mistress which is my quest for understanding.
I love these kind of posts even though I know fewer people will read it.  I get it, because I see the numbers - the blog readers in general - meaning not all - are after stories which put people in a bad light or hurt them. 
But I also know more than half of my regular readers will read this and ponder my words.  So I am good.

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