Friday, August 28, 2015

Today Parents Against Domestic Abuse has a video of Terry Crews describing what it was like to watch his father beat his mother.  He seems to be a survivor, but not all children are survivors.  In the case I have been profiling, the eldest child out of fear of the abuser who still comes around although told to stay away, now lives with the grandmother,  She cannot handle the emotional and physical abuse of the mother.
Two eyewitnesses just verified that the alleged abuser in this case went after his victim a second time last Saturday after she was taken to her mother's home to be safe because the alleged abuser was occupying her home as a criminal trespass.
The mother and daughter live in the same complex, but at opposite ends which is about a 5 minute walk.  Once the abuser learned Officer Martinez and his boss SGT Jaramillio were going to take no action to arrest him for domestic abuse, criminal trespass, or destruction of another's property he ran over to the victim's mother's home and demanded she return to her home with him.  He did not realize the victim's brother was there.  Once he realized he was up against a man instead of an abused woman, the coward Benigno Garza took off.
It is lost on DA Saenz and Chief Rodriguez that the reason Benigno Garza went after his victim a second time is because he knew they would not enforce the law.  The parents are livid and determined to make Saenz and Rodriguez lives a living hell.  Their daughter is in danger and the police will not help because according to officer Martinez Saenz will not prosecute if the victim does not sign the complaint.  This is not Texas law.
The grand jury referral is coming.  God save the judge who blocks it.  This mother and now her eldest child continue to suffer because to put it in the words of the officer J. Martinez badge 7158 "the DA will not prosecute so they do not arrest the alleged abusers unless the victim signs the complaint."  The police report clearly states the victim was injured with a head injury.
Sgt Jaramillio badge 5113 told office Martinez to write a report and move on.  There are clear variances between Office Martinez's police report and the 911 call.  The caller clearly states that the victim was abused by the father of her two sons.  The bruising to the head is described.  This is also in the beginning in the written police report.  But then at the end Officer Martinez says the family member who rescued the victim claims the victim never made an outcry concerning the abuse.  This is a bold face lie and falsification of a police report to cover-up the fact he would not enforce the law and go and arrest the accused.  How can the officer describe what happened unless the victim made an outcry to someone?
I spoke with the family member who rescued the alleged victim and she is determined to tell the grand jury Officer Martinez misrepresented her when he said she said the victim never made an outcry to her.  The only time the victim did not speak with the family member about what happened is when Office Martinez was there and not prior.  The family member is clear and the 911 call proves it, the victim did make an outcry.
The report clearly shows that the apartment was trashed and the alleged abuser is the one who trashed the apartment.  The report clearly says that victim was injured to the head.
According to the family member who rescued the alleged victim, Officer Martinez stated that the BPD requires that the victim remain in the home with the man beating them until the police arrive.  This is beyond stupid.  Nothing other than a desire to violate this victim's rights as a woman prevented officer Martinez from going to the home of the victim and taking pictures of the tore up apartment and arresting the abuser.  Even a 5 year old could add up that 2 plus 2.  But according to the family member witness Officer Martinez stated as a BPD officer he could not add up that 2 plus 2.
The grand jury will be asked to bring an indictment against the alleged abuser and to investigate Officer Martinez and Sgt Jaramillio for violating this domestic abuse victims rights under federal and state law. Their conduct is a potential federal crime under 18 USC 242.  Until we fight back against the abusers, DA Saenz who refuses to prosecute and the police who continue to allow women to be abused rather than do their job, the women in Brownsville will remain in danger.
The grand jury referral to the district judge is being copied to the Texas Rangers, DOJ and FBI, and a national organization which deals with victims of domestic abuse.  The judge based on previous evidence of abuse by DA Saenz will be asked to appoint a special prosecutor.
We either stand and fight to protect our women or accept they do not matter.

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