Monday, August 10, 2015


If you know Emma you know facts will never get in the way of her bias.  Like a hungry mangy dog she will ignore her abuser's abuse for gruel.  Why ask questions when she can just rewrite Saenz'Spropaganda sheet. 

Emma Perez-Treviño proves the Herald is nothing more than a rag sheet for printing the propaganda of the corrupt officials destroying our city.

During the Villalobos trial when the name of Korina Barraza, a key player in the Amit Livingston debacle came up [you would not know it because Emma ran cover for Korina] I tried to tell her my experience with Korina and Emma had a psychotic meltdown and in a very angry voice said "do not say anything bad about Korina."  News flash for you Emma you lover of men who abuse women, facts are facts and that is the job of reporters  - not that you would know about facts or journalism.

A competent reporter would have gone out and found Domestic Abuse victims to report their story about how Saenz treats them.  That did not happen.  Emma is all but lovers with Melissa Landin and would never print anything which contradicts her lies for Saenz.  How Emma as a woman can look herself in the mirror is beyond me.

In my first experience with Korina Barraza, then Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor at the time under Saenz was so abusive to the victim the victim did not want to testify.  Korina was so vindictive that on a Wednesday before the Monday trial she refused to allow the victim to have an advocate in the room with her during Korina's final interview of the victim before the Monday trial.  Korina then agreed to a plea bargain with the abuser without consulting the victim, thereby leaving the victim to show for the Monday trial to learn there was no Monday trial.

Korina had the indictment of the defendant wrong.  She and her staff refused to process the paperwork so the state would pay to move the victim to secret her from her abuser. I did the paperwork, and the state paid to move the victim.

Korina had a shit fit when I asked her to pull the Domestic Abuse restraining order and seek to enforce it as part of the criminal charges for the new assault.  Because of Korina's refusal to try the case on the facts and violation of the Domestic Abuse restraining order, the defendant went on to San Antonio and dragged a 77 year old woman to the ground while trying to steal her purse.  He now faces a minimum of 20 years.

This is what Emma Perez-Treviño callas a great ADA defending woman and a DA putting the rights of the domestically abused women first.

In another case, Saenz's office refused to help a rape victim apply for assistance.  She ended up having a breakdown.

In a case which we have seen played out on the blogs months after Hector Negrete plead guilty and was sentenced to 76 days time served, Saenz sought to clean his record and have the case dismissed. The case involved the beating a deaf mute female.

This is not evidence of a DA who protects women.  But Emma's journalistic skills being limited to copying and pasting Melissa Landin's lies in propaganda press releases, what else could we possibly expect from Emma Perez-Treviño.

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