Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Some House Cleaning:

It blows my mind how many people fail to understand reporting is reporting - and nothing more.  It does not mean I am going after someone - it means - here it comes - I am reporting.

For anyone to assume I am supporting someone other than Abelardo Gomez for Constable because I report about a missing 6000 rounds of ammo, is making a fool of themselves.  It is a story.  Now I will say the story was dead, until Abelardo insisted on a voice.  I always give politicos a voice on any story.  He asked for clarification and I reported what he said.  Smart money would have had him remain silent.

There is always more to one candidate than one issue.  You one issue people are the reason why we have such a hard time electing qualified people to public office.

On balance I am happy with Constable Gomez's performance and he will probably get my vote unless something happens between now and the March primary.  Pete Avila's time has passed.  I like to bet on what I know versus an unknown.  Silverio Cisneros is as much a part of the political gamesmanship which is Cameron County. as anyone else.  So why should I change things in precinct 2?


Blogs ads will not only not get you votes, they will cost you votes.  Hey, but it is your money.

Herald Ads, while cheaper than mailers, are not nearly as effective as a mailer to a known voter.  I have bought the Herald on Sunday while ads are running every weekend, and completely missed ads.  I only learn of the ad when someone will call and ask what I thought of the ad.  I then have to go back and look at the paper to search for the ad.  If I am buying the paper only to look at the ads and miss your printed ad, people who are not specifically looking for ads are also missing your ads.


Now I will admit, I do use the mailers as dust pans.  But I do read them first.  Mailers should already be going out with truthful statements.  If Masso would do the ad on Oscar de la Fuente I have suggested in a mailer at this time, it could knock out Saenz in terms of raising money.  They can be effective.

Masso also needs to take Saenz's stupid emblem which has then and now, and use the cracked one as the now.

Now this does not mean I am voting for Masso - the field is going to open up and I am waiting to see who all of the candidates are - but it is fair to say Saenz will not be getting mine, my family, or extended family through marriage vote.


Had I known nothing about the JP 2-2 election, other than Jonathan Gracia coming to my door, he would have had my vote.  Block walking is important.  I know it is early, but it begins to set in with the people who they want to win.

Gather your armies of supporters and start to block walk targeting the known votes.



Buy blog ads;
Pay bloggers to attack your opponents;
Buy Newspaper ads;


Send direct mailers now to set your image in stone and paint your opponent in a negative light - [with only truth statements];

Send out your armies of block walkers now - make your name known - it will stick.


Normally I would not watch - but Donald Trump will put on a show - hey it is a free circus - why would I not show?

NPR had an interesting article on the debate.  Fox news will only allow the top 10 to be on the stage based on an average of a few polls.  The other 7 candidates who did not make the cut will be part of an earlier 5 p.m. debate.

This is not necessarily bad. NPR's point is, those in the main event at the bottom of the polling could find themselves looking so bad, that there numbers drop.  Those in the debate of 5 p.m. could find their polling numbers rise thereby next time making the main event.

An August debate basically means nothing.  Well other than increasing the popularity of one of the 7 in the first debate.  So at this time in the process being part of the 7, could be an advantage - the best will look good and probably go up in the polls thereby knocking out the worse in the top 10.  It is the later debates which could seal the election, not an August debate.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong again, and again you are an idiot blimp. You say that advertising on blogs gets you no where.....wasn't it you who were peddling ADVERTISMENTS on your blog for politicos? If they are not worth it,why try and sell it? You say that advertising on blogs cost you votes...wrong again blim. Abelardo has advertised with Montoya for the past three years....he has single handedly supported Montoya's beer habit, and you said you would vote for there's advertising on blogs does get you got yours...dummy!

BobbyWC said...

You need to learn to read - my support for Abelardo is based on my one on one knowledge of how he runs the courthouse - not on some ad.

Most people know nothing about the candidates - but they know the bloggers. $25 a month to Juanito to keep him quiet is not much. Yes I know the number and it is silence money.

As to the BV, I was honest with my readers and candidates - I would not get any ads. It was an exercise to prove a point - and not to get ads. Again you need to learn to read what I say.

Exactly how well did Juanito's ALL OUT go - all of his candidates lost.

He is a cyber politiquero no one is supporting anymore - they know it will cost them votes. Beyond silence money he will get nothing.

He does exactly what the politiqueras do - sometimes even without pay they back a candidate because the other person pissed them off.

Abelardo Gomez hired Sonia Solis son Steve Berlanga right after he won. Sonia was indicted in federal court for mail ballot fraud.

But here is a truth, Steve and Abelardo have been friends for ever. So his mother ran the ballots for Abelardo since she was doing it anyway - it was based on the families being tied together, and not Abelardo paying her or asking her to break the law. Politiqueras do this all of the time.

Sometimes whether you are a politiquera aor cyber-politiquero you will attack a candidate, in hopes their opponent will pay you.

Juanito can attack Saenz every day until election day and Masso will not give him a nickel. But in some cases it works.

But now, any blogger pushing for one candidate while attacking their opponent will only cost the candidate votes.

The last election proved that.

Rick Longoria overcame his problems and ties to McHale because - well need I say more his opponent was Roman Perez. This is the only time blog ads will not hurt you - when your opponent's reputation is worse than any blogger.

Bobby WC