Friday, August 7, 2015


Yesterday elected officials and educators called me or emailed me about my old 2007, My Turn piece.  I do not understand how so many people can understand what needs to get done, but the trustees at TSC are clueless.  They did the right thing by separating from UT, but cannot seem to create a vision for TSC which aligns it with the needs of the community.

There are still no plans for job training in robotics manufacturing.  It blows my mind that not one trustee can make the link that until we have workers trained in robotics manufacturing, no on is going to build any major manufacturing plants in Brownsville.

Where is United Brownsville securing the grant money to make this happen - nowhere - it is not even on the table.

So - in 8 years nothing has changed - no vision - just infighting.

On that note, the TSC trustees who support United Brownsville better get it through their heads - United Brownsville is a failure and waste of money and that any trustee who votes for funding United Brownsville is in fact voting to empower Adela Garza. If United Brownsville is funded Adela Garza will have an issue which will hurt those voting to fund United Brownsville.

Finally, the no money in the budget excuse is old.  The trustees seem to always have money for what they want, but not for what is needed.  No one is buying there is no money in the budget for a robotics training program.  What there is not is, vision in how to make it happen.

The train has left the station on the political capital earned by separating from UT.  The trustees no longer can use the separation as an election issue.  They now need to show what they are doing to align TSC with the actual job training needs of the community.


Anonymous said...

Such corruption in all entities has got to stop. Some of these TSC trustees are in to for the side perks and filling the pockets of their associates with money and opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Popcorn time: Republican presidential debates and TSC Board meetings. Ignorance at it's worst.

BobbyWC said...

The infighting by the TSC Trustees has caused immeasurable damage to its progress. It will get its accreditation. Things will move forward with Texas A & M, which is great - but meeting its mission of preparing the students for the university, and job training will remain unmet.

The infighting must stop. If a trustee has solid proof any trustee is feeding the infighting for self promotion then that trustee[s] need to go public so as to end it

Bobby WC