Saturday, August 29, 2015

Currently various state advocacy groups are looking at suing Paxton over his refusal to enforce the Texas Open Records Act.  This guy is just bizarre.  He has ruled documents introduced at trial are not subject to the open records act because they are confidential.  Yes - you heard that right.  You can take otherwise confidential documents use them in open court to defraud someone and then claim they do not have to be produced as confidential.
His latest bizarre ruling is, agencies no longer have to respond to open records requests. It the agency simply signs a form he created stating they did respond when in fact they did not, all is well.  They are not even required to send to his office the documents they claim were responsive.
He has now been indicted on security charges.  He claims he is innocent even though in the civil proceedings he conceded his mistake and paid a fine.  His lawyers keep on walking out on him.  He is so poorly trained as a lawyer he does not even known he has to stand when he addresses the judge, and believes he can instruct the judge on how to run his courtroom.
"Since Paxton’s indictment, he has burned through three lawyers; the latest lawyer to jump ship did so at Paxton’s arraignment on Thursday, citing attorney-client disputes. (Prosecutors are concerned that the lawyer switcheroo is just a delaying tactic.) At that same disastrous proceeding, Paxton also failed to stand when addressing the bench, prompting a stern warning from the judge. And when Paxton lectured the judge about why cameras should be barred from his trial, the judge cut him off, noting that he would decide how to run his courtroom."
This is not going to end well for Paxton. I will bet the farm it will be the Republicans in due time asking for his resignation.  Remember he speaks for Governor Abbott in court.  These stunts and lack of respect for the law will only serve to humiliate Governor Abbott.

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