Sunday, August 16, 2015

The other night family members from New York dined at Gabriella's.  They said it was as good as any Italian restaurant in New York.  We have a lot of married into Italians in my family.  We know Italian food and know the best restaurants.  For my sister to say Garbriella's prove you can get great Italian food outside of New York means a lot.  Tonight before their sunset cruise they will order in a pizza to see how the pizza is.

Before they got here, I checked out a lot of restaurants.  Good food is a challenge on SPI.  You cannot beat Black Beards for their avocado hamburgers.  They went over well with the family.  They love Dirty Al's.  Louie's Back Yard is best in the Sports Bar.  The buffet is a great deal, but it is too much for a lot of older people.  I always tell people if you are going to do Louie's Back Yard buffet, do not eat lunch and only eat a light breakfast.

We found a pretty good Mexican restaurant in Port Isabel.  They could not believe for $30 the three of us ate with drinks.  The portions were huge.

Today is there day and tomorrow I will do dinner with them.  Tuesday they will stay in Harlingen because of an early Wednesday morning flight. 

Any recommendations in Harlingen for Mexican food.  I love La Playa, but it is too Mexican for them.  Yea, they prefer TexMex.  I prefer places like La Playa.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you remember the name of the Mexican restaurant in Port Isabel?

BobbyWC said...

I do not remember but I will check tomorrow when I go back to SPI

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend Las Vegas Cafe on Harrison.