Friday, August 28, 2015


For the candidates who survive  the March primaries, their signs will still be up until November 2016.  How is this possible other than an inept city commission?  The last time they amended the political sign ordinance they made the pollution possible.  Nothing but a bunch of self serving trolls who care nothing for our community or the people.

I can assure the candidates through your signs you are doing nothing to endear me to vote for you.  You are a polluter.  I love the natural beauty of our community.  We are fighting LNG to preserve the beautify of our community.  But yet these politicos who fail to see our love for the beauty of are community are determined to pollute it with signs.

Unless these politicos stand out from their opponents, they will not be getting my vote.  The idea we have to endure more than a year of their sign pollution only proves they do not care about us, and the Brownsville city commission is filled with inept leaders.


Anonymous said...

Political signage is a garish reminder of how meaningless our political discourse has gotten. If "advertising" is how to win elections, then we deserve the Donald.

BobbyWC said...

Well said - thanks for adding to the discussion in such a succinct way.

bobby WC