Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am new to actually using FB, so I will get better.  People have been giving me a lot of ideas on how to get the alleged abuser I have been profiling arrested.  The parents want it to happen.  Guys, I did include a link on men being abused but it got dropped.  I will try again, because I know it is equally important.

This page will develop with all sorts of articles - to include how abused children become abusers.  This by itself is a major reason why the abusers need to be arrested and barred from their family.  They are the seeds which grow their children eventually into becoming abuser themselves.  We must work to stop the cycle of abuse.  But if the man or woman who is the abuser will not agree for help, then jail time is the only meaningful solution.

I do not believe in locking everyone up for long periods of time.  If someone is a good candidate for therapy to deal with the source of their abuse and the victim also enters therapy, then  if the therapist believes it is okay, then some contact should be allowed as part of the healing.  But in the beginning it must be no contact until a therapist can clearly say the victim knows they have done nothing wrong and the abuser is the problem, and they will keep the abuser out of their life.

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