Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jessica Teatreau, from here on in I will not use Commissioner because she has abandoned her duties as a commission by blocking me from seeing her Facebook page.  She was elected to represent my interests before the city and has now made clear she only represents people who worship her and not people who challenge her.  She accomplished nothing.  I have any number of people who provide me their FB password which allows me to see her page.  She blocked Castro during the election and then after election went back to being his lover.  These are sick minds.
I do not have time to publish all 4 jury verdicts because I am really late.  But this is germane to the issue because her employee the alleged domestic violence abuser Benigno Garza, claimed on Friday last before everything blew up that he walk off of the job at Car Wash Plus because again he found out he was not checked in and in fact working for free.
The federal court documents prove this is how Jessica and her husband run their business.  The entire federal file has been sent for review by the Dallas law firm to determine if Car Wash Plus can be sued as a contributing factor in setting Benigno Garza off by having him again work without pay.
There is so, so much more.  Had Jessica and her scumbag husband paid their employees as required by law, it is possible Benigno would not have gone into a rage and destroyed his victim's apartment, broke her home phone, the AC setting box, and forced her to flee for her life with his two sons with injuries to her head and body.  Of course these are allegations at this time.
There consequences to the actions of Jessica and Art Kalifa.  This blog will cover those consequences.
If you or your husband or boy friends use Car Wash Plus you are supporting this conduct of paying slave wages to men who cannot even afford to buy diapers or formula for their children while the boorish Jessica flaunts her wealth.  She did nothing to help force the arrest of this alleged abuser who works for her.  Was she in fear he would report her for wage violations?
If you support Domestic Abuse do business with Car Wash Plus - if you oppose it, boycott Car Wash Plus.


Anonymous said...

Pay your employees Jessica and art, all the money you have made as a commissioner should help u pay your employees, don't be a money miser...

BobbyWC said...

The victim is in very bad shape emotionally. An incident yesterday have the parents stirred up good. There is more to this story but it is on hold until I attend to the requests of the parents of the victim. She is the classic case of domestic abuse.

She will get help and then Jessica and Art will pay with all of Brownsville knowing the full story.

But the full story must wait until we have her secure with the help she needs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I honestly do not understand your logic in this story. Sorry. The abuser may have attacked the victim because he didn't get the wages he felt he deserved? Could he maybe have looked for other employment? I am beyond confused. GBY and have a good night.

BobbyWC said...

yes and he should have looked for another job. But these low pay employers use the fact people are drop outs to keep them around. This has been going on for a year.

Art Kalifa knew exactly what he was doing. He lost 4 jury trials on the same issue. He knows most of his workers cannot find other work so he abuses them. More on this tomorrow.

But the bottom line is, while a worker can find another job, an employer - lost on you apparently - has a duty to pay their workers.

This set off the chain of events.

Oh there is more tomorrow concerning the scumbag Art Kalifa - a line had been drawn and Art is going to pay for his actions.

There is plenty more tomorrow.

Art is an abuser of his workers and according to prior complaints by Jessica Tetreau of her. We have court orders to prove the former and Jessica's police reports to prove the latter.

Jessica is going to lose big time and in the process cause major damage to the city. She has no brains and does as her abusive husband directs her to do.

She promised me she was going to get a police supervisor on the phone immediately to direct the officer on the scene as to the law and arrest the accused. She did not. That was Saturday. According to the abuser her was not fired until Wednesday. Hardly sounds to me like Jessica cared one bit.

Bobby WC