Tuesday, August 18, 2015

All morning I have been working on trying to clear the title on my brother's manufactured home.  It is done.  We came to a compromise.  But now I am late for a meeting, and then I am off to SPI to close out the last day of my family being here for vacation.
But know this trolls:  NO SACRED COWS MEANS BY ITS VERY NATURE I CANNOT BACKSTAB ANYONE.  Everyone knows no sacred cows.  I am friends with no elected officials.  It would compromise my coverage.  What the trolls call backstabbing is in fact their anger I will not declare someone a sacred cow.

Jessica Tetreau as my city commissioner has a duty to address any complaints I have with the city.  This duty comes from her being my city commissioner and not because I am a blogger.  I owe her nothing for doing her job.

When the police officer was with the victim and told me he would not arrest the accused who has history of family violence with another women and public mischief, I called Jessica to get a supervisor on the phone to this officer and have the law explained to him because he clearly did not know it.  The victim does not have to participate in order for the state to prosecute.  The police officer was either not properly trained or refusing to do his job.

As a city commissioner for my district it is my right to call her and ask that she have a police supervisor immediately contact the officer and explain the law to him.

She told me she would.  Then hours later she would not accept my calls.  I put word out to people who I know would run to her and tell her I was going to do a story on her failure to handled the issue as my city commissioner, and not because I am blogger.  She all of a sudden immediately text me that some did not know someone's phone number so there was nothing she could do.  She also claimed to have been down for like a 4 hour nap which is why she did not accept or return my calls.  This is meaningless.  When I called her she should have had a police supervisor on the phone asked that he/she call the officer and explain the law to the officer.  She did not.  The nap issue is nothing more than a poor excuse for not having done her job.

Bullshit - it was her employee being accused of the assault and she is now claiming she does not know how to call over to the BPD and ask that a supervisor contact the officer and explain the law to him.  If you believe her excuse you are part of the problem.  Had I called they would have done nothing, which is why I wanted my city commissioner to call.

Jessica made a decision to make excuses for doing nothing which only proved she either did not want to do her job as my city commissioner or wanted to run cover for her employee.

There is so much more, but I am off for more documents before meeting my family for our last outing.

The victim is too traumatized to be worked with.  She still has not returned to her home because she has no way of knowing of her abuser is still occupying her home.  The family will try and get her to the hospital today for a physical and abuse counselling.  She is still complaining about the pain from the head injury.  Once we have her medically secure the family has asked I take them to the FBI to ask that the FBI request the assistance of the Texas Rangers to investigate DA Saenz and Police Chief Rodriguez along with the officer who refused to follow Texas law.

The federal government has a law known as Violence Against Women Act.  Congress recognized a long time ago DA's like Saenz and Police Chief's like Rodriguez will never enforce the law to protect women.  I will admit amendments to the law may take this case outside the jurisdiction of the law.  It is a complex law, but we will let the FBI sort that out.

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