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Erasmo Castro, unhappy he will be held accountable under the copyright laws, has now not only blocked me from postings comments, but has now blocked me from seeing his infringement on my copyright material.  The complaint has been filed with FB

Castro has the IQ of an inept con artist - he fails to realize I can access his page through any number of FB pages I have access to through friends and family.  He has accomplished nothing other that to prove he is a con artist who will never allow for dissent or compliance with the law.

From Erasmo before he completely blocked me.

"pardon, not blocked as of yet... play nice"


Erasmo Castro as is his wont, steals my post and then continues his policy of blocking me from posting a comment. Castro will never allow anyone who challenges him to post.  He cannot respond, in an intelligent way so he blocks everyone who challenges him or his lemmonistic followers. He is a pathological liar and con artist who will never change.  I have sent him a message he has one hour to remove my post and then I am filing a copyright infringement complaint with Facebook.  I have told him to not post my stories, but without the bloggers he claims are all liars he never has anything of substance to post.


They are the largest voting block in Brownsville and the evidence is clear they do not vote.  This is a fact lost in those defending the enablers [namely the teachers]  of the bad conduct by the BISD Administration.

My solution is simple and actually helps the teachers - send a note home to the parents that they will no longer buy school supplies with their money which means their children will not be provided the classroom supplies they need for proper instruction.

You will never hear me judge the teacher for not buying supplies.  It is not their responsibility.  But they insist as the victims on enabling their abusers by buying the supplies.  Stop buying the supplies - and you will not hear judgment from me, but praise.  This will force the parents to go to the administration and maybe, just maybe, BISD will finally fund the classrooms so teachers need not use their own money. It will also mean parents will have money for milk and food, instead of handy wipes for BISD.

If the teachers would simply stop being the enablers, the parents would get on the BISD Administration and maybe things will change.  This will mean the teachers will no longer have to use their own money for classroom instruction.  This simple solution is beyond the intellect of far too many teachers.  Where are their Association Presidents in defending the teachers on this issue? - dead silent kissing the butts of the corrupt Board and Desesperanza Zendejas.

But no they cry like babies  - teachers will whine and whine and attack anyone who points out the obvious - by the teachers buying the supplies BISD has a legal duty to provided the teachers, the teachers are enabling BISD in not funding the classroom

The teachers either need to take responsibility for being the enablers of the problem or stop whining.


I blame in large measure the teachers for the mess at BISD.  Their association presidents do nothing more than kiss the butts of the corrupt trustees.  The teachers refuse to vote and then cry like babies over having to pay for classroom supplies.  These teachers cannot be presumed intelligent.,  They cannot seem to make the link that by voting out the trustees in favor of candidates who commit to the full funding of classroom supplies they will reduce their out of pocket costs.


Teachers must send a note home to the a parents that handouts and instructional material will be limited because BISD refuses to fund the classrooms.  You watch how fast the parents get on the principals and trustees.  Maybe then Desesperanza Zendejas will realize she is there for the children and not Joe Rodriguez.

No these less then intelligent teachers demand parents of some of the poorest students in the United States fund their need for classroom supplies.  I SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The teachers who refuse to vote are pathetic.  They cry like babies and then go to the poorest of the poor and demand they not buy milk and food for their children so instead they can buy cleaning supplies and paper for the classroom.  These teachers have no shame or self respect.

Yesterday I found out that Bela's school expects parents to buy 5 different color shirts.  The school principal needs a psyche evaluation and reprimand.  This is only possible because the area superintendent Sandra Lopez, and Superintendent Desesperanza Zendejas are oblivious to the fact the children of Brownsville are some of the poorest of the poor in the United States.

These administrators do not give a rats ass about the children.  Millions are going out in waste for endless lawsuits caused by retaliation, while teachers are told there is no money for classroom supplies.  It will not stop until the teachers feel the pinch through a boycott by the parents, and the teachers respond by voting all of the trustees out of office - no exceptions.


Bela will not be wearing 5 different color shirts.  Let BISD try and expel her for being poor.  Bela will stand as an individual and not a Stepford Wife to an insensitive inept BISD administration.

When I buy Bela's school supplies I will only buy what she needs.  There will be no ream of paper, cleaning supplies or anything the teacher wants for the classroom.  It is time the teachers make it clear to the trustees - they will not buy the supplies.  The parents will then complain and the inept Desesperanza Zendejas may realize she is there to provide for the teachers and children and not Joe Rodriguez and his corrupt enterprise.

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BobbyWC said...

He truly has no idea what he is doing - it is not a question of denial - it is a question of delusions.

He cannot be held accountable for his actions. Unfortunately he has no one in his life willing to help him through his issues - how sad to not have one true friend

Bobby WC