Monday, August 3, 2015


More than one source has told me that Saenz has personally told them the election is lost.  I think he is over reacting.  Yes he has lost the blogosphere vote, but unless the race is very tight, that means nothing.  But what else does he know?

But if Saenz actually believes this, why not just resign for personal family reasons, and use his resignation as a way to seek immunity while helping the feds.  By his own words his time is done, so why not use this reality to protect himself.

The feds have been done with Saenz a very long time. Their problem is, they were part of his decision to not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente.  This leaves their hands tied in terms of what they can and cannot do.

What the feds want is for Saenz to resign, surrender his law license and turn over the names and proof on those who were party to the corrupting of the DA's office - again.

If Saenz were smart he would have his attorney offer his resignation and cooperation in exchange for immunity.  Not enough attorneys were taken down last time - until the attorneys are the primary target every DA will be tempted to corrupt the process.

The other day someone who wants to seek Judge Rolando Olvera's job told me he could not ask for money from the lawyers because he knows they would then expect favors in his rulings.  We end this by taking down the ADA's who are willing participants, and the defense attorneys who push for the corrupt deals. [Tomorrow another ADA seeking dismissal of criminal charges against Hector Negrete based on bogus claims - the judge saw the con and denied the ADA's motion.]

So will Saenz do the right thing and resign and cooperate in exchange for immunity?  Nope - it is not in him.  He can use his law license as the key to his resignation - he can make clear it is not on the table if they want his help.  The DOJ may go with it, because depending on what comes out the State Bar may take it anyway.

Saenz's time is potentially limited.  Unless he is a defeatist, I cannot see why he believes he has lost the election.  Well unless he knows something about the criminal investigations he is facing.   Now the reality is, if Masso takes out the ad I suggested "Why did Luis Saenz not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente after he confessed to bribing convicted former DA Villalobos?"  and then include in the ad all of de la Fuente's donations, Saenz will be toast.  The ad now will dry up is donations.

But careful what you wish for Carlos Masso - if Saenz drops out, the field will open and you could find yourself facing a formidable opponent.

While Carlos Masso is not Pat Ahumada by any stretch of the imagination, Tony Martinez proved you can be unpopular but if your opponent is tainted you can still win.  This is Carlos Masso's dilemma.

Carlos Masso needs a good PR person to repackage his public image.  It can be done.


Anonymous said...

"Why did Luis Saenz not prosecute Oscar de la Fuente after he confessed to bribing convicted former DA Villalobos?"

You forgot to mention why he did not prosecute Eddie Trevino. Able Limas said on the witness stand that Eddie Trevino paid him a bribe to get adleidem cases. Heck, he should have prosecuted himself. There was testimony that Justin Ramos gave him a bribe as well.

BobbyWC said...

The difference is Oscar de la Fuente confessed, whereas Limas accused Trevino - the cases are significantly different on this issue.

"As Wynne continued to ask questions, Limas also testified that Eddie Treviño, an attorney and former Brownsville mayor, had bribed him with $1,000 in return for an appointment as an ad-litem attorney."

See Herald

The Ramos claim remains under investigation because there are so many other similar claims.

As to Abel Limas it would have added nothing to his jail time, so it would have been a waste of resources.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, anyone who thinks that Luis Saenz is accepting defeat is mistaken. There is one huge thing that will not let him throw in the towel, it is the same thing that will ultimately be his downfall; his ego. Mr. Saenz's campaign is based on the difference between him and the prior administration, but the fact is little has changed. This DA office has committed injustices, has prosecuted selectively, and done little to deserve to stay in office. In my opinion, it is time for a change. Carlos Masso may not be the in your face - headline attention seeker but he seems to be an honest man with years of experience to be qualified for the office.

BobbyWC said...

Just so I am clear, I am reporting people who know Saenz are saying he is telling people he is in trouble and cannot win. I have gone out of my way to say the blog vote is basically meaningless unless it is a close vote.

I have also published his PR operation is standard for any elected official and this is what the community at large know about.

If Masso expects to win based on the blogs going after Saenz he is in for a surprise - he needs to start mailers know with the ad I suggested. It will dry up money going to Saenz.

Masso can win - but not if he thinks the blogs are going to do it for him.

Bobby WC