Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Well for weeks as I sit at my desk near the kitchen or go in the kitchen I hear what sounds like an alarm whistle.  It's driving me nuts.  My roommate after week finally also hears it.  He realizes it is coming from around the refrigerator.  About a foot from the refrigerator is the AC vent.  He put his hand over a mug on top of the refrigerator and the sound stopped.  All along it was the AC blowing into the mug - now how cool is that?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby, did BISD Settle with those twenty-something women suing the district?

Any word on this law suit?

BobbyWC said...

No idea - I am in the middle of two major family crises. I am buried in trying to solve these problems. I do not know if I am coming or going - and starting tomorrow I have family coming in for a week - thank god they will be on SPI -

I am struggling to understand how the doctors can say someone has stage 4 cancer event though the pet scan is negative. the stupid finance company never filed the release of lien on my brother home 15 years ago. The house is sold, but the finance company no longer exists. It is a mess to get the lien released.

The good news three of my original friends from UTEP in 1976 FB me tonight - we spent nearly three hours messaging back and forth - god I cannot believe how 35 years after graduation we are so connected. In fact one just wrote a book about religious freedom in Rhode Island and did not make the connection when she wrote about a Robert Wightman and Roger Williams that he might be a relative. I sent her the family tree. I just ordered the book. Go figure she is a mathematician publishing her first book on the history of freedom of religion in Rhode Island and it includes my family.

Boy I needed that three hours

I will try and call around tomorrow but I have a lot to do - we have to move Bela from one school to another - then change Busters bandage, then write a lease for my brothers home for the buyer until we can close, then get the electric company to change the electricity to the new owners name, and then leave by 11 to Harlingen to meet the family and have them follow me to SPI - you can bet they are buying a late lunch at Dirty Al's

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

No idea, but I think he mess Cascos left behind on the SPI issue is going to make the budget process nearly impossible - this is going to bite the commissioners in the butt big time - what a mess

Bobby WC