Saturday, August 8, 2015

My readers know I am ready to get on the plane to Cuba. Within the year U.S. Americans will be able to freely travel to Cuba. I am kind of thinking of paying the premium price and going soon on one of the licensed tours. My fear is once Cuba opens up, it will not be the Cuba of today. It will be great to see billions pour into to Cuba, but it will be sad to see the flavor of Cuba change. I hope it does not.

This video was originally posted by Jim Barton.

It makes me hungry for Cuba. 

It comes from

I little history on the song Guantanamera.

A translation for those who do not understand Spanish.  It is a rough translation - others would translate parts differently.  People do not understand how dialect changes translations. 


Guantanamera, guajira guantanamera *
Guantanamera, guajira, guantanamera
I am a truthful man; I come from where the palm tree grows,
I am a truehearted man, who comes from where the palm trees grow,
Before I lay down my life, I long to coin the verses of my soul

I plant a snowy rose in January and July,
I grow a snowy rose in January and July,
For the open-hearted friend who puts a helping hand in mine

The words that I write are radiant crimson and emerald bright,
The poems that I write are radiant crimson and emerald bright,
My verses are a wounded deer seeking shelter in the mountain height.

*NOTE: “Guantanamera” i.e. From Guantánamo, Cuba – a woman (or an aire); and “guajira,” i.e. a peasant girl (or perhaps the name of a dance.) Influenced, in part, by the Sandpipers' 1966 version.

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Cuba, La Perla De Las Antillas!