Tuesday, August 4, 2015


UPDATE:  Constable Gomez must have gotten a call from Saenz because he is now claiming he is not sure who got the ammo addressed to Silverio Cisneros.  He also informs me that his staff is to no longer sign for anything not address to his office. 

Until there is an audit as to which department was charged for the ammo and the Texas Rangers determine who ended up getting the ammo, the case will remain - the missing 6000 rounds of ammo


Wow dead silence on this issue for 6 months and now that people are asking questions Constable Abelardo Gomez texts me and tells me the 6000 rounds of ammo addressed to Silverio Cisneros "was claimed by Joe Lopez from the DA's office."

Ammo is not a guessing game.  Once Silverio Cisneros informed Abelardo Gomez's chief deputy that the ammo addressed to him was not his, it should have been sent back to the vendor.  Neither Abelardo Gomez nor Joe Lopez had any legal authority over this ammo.

This is  frightening - DA Saenz's and Constable Gomez's policy is, if ammo addressed to person who claims it is not theirs, then they are free to do with it as they please.  In a border area like Cameron county, ammo must be strictly regulated.  This is not a game.  The ammo should have been sent back to the vendor once Silverio Cisneros informed Constable Gomez's chief deputy it was not his.

This was a budgeted item.  Did Saenz through Joe Lopez take 6000 rounds of ammo budgeted under another office for use by his office.  If so this is theft of county property, belonging to another agency within the county. 

This merits an audit by Cameron county.  Do not fret Saenz - we both know Commissioners Court will turn a blind eye to this major screw up.  They are as worthless as the Brownsville city commission.

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BobbyWC said...

For my readers the comment I am rejecting does not include any allegations against Constable Gomez - but to the poster I agree with you. That is what I was trying to prove. But without evidence I cannot approve the comment even though I think you are spot on.

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