Monday, August 3, 2015


Valley Coastal Bend is the VA system which oversees VA care from Corpus Christi through Cameron county over to Laredo is broke and no longer paying for outside services.  Not because of the doctors, but because of inadequate funding and poor administration Valley Coastal Bend is consistently rated one of the worst VA systems in the nation.

Doctors are now refusing to see veterans as it is now taking more than 6 months to get paid, while filing endless paperwork.

I just got off the phone with the VA billing for claiming they will not pay doctor's Renaissance because I am not a veteran.  It is a game of delay.  I was assured the denial of the claim was an innocent mistake.  It was not.  It is about delay because there is no money.

Congressman Vela gets an A+ for his efforts for veterans.  But even Congressman Vela as one congressman can do nothing to fix the problem.  I was blown away a few weeks ago during a Senate hearing on the crisis when a Senator asked why the bills were not being paid.  He claim this was the first he had heard of a funding problem.  I watch all of these hearings.  He is a liar. The VA representative looked at the committee in disbelief.

Congressman Vela's office is all too aware of the millions owed to doctors.  They are walking away from the problem for non-payment.  Congressman Vela's hands are tied.,

It has been 8 weeks since I asked for help on my brother's VA claim.  I met with his staff last week to learn the VA liaison just ignored his request to answer my complaint of retaliation.  So you understand how bad the VA is, in response to my congressional complaint, they cancelled my brothers claim again and asked for a 3rd time I submit the same authorizations and medical records.

Congressmen Vela is learning that as a lone wolf he stands alone on helping veterans.  He wants to help veterans, but there is no interest in Congress to fix the problem - other than hiring more paper pushers to learn why there are problems.   It is not hard - there is no money to pay the doctors - either provide the VA more funding or downsize the administrative side and move the savings to medical care.

The VA spends a small fortune funding the medical schools for the states.  This is wrong.  The money needs to go to pay for veteran care.  But if you think for one second the Senators are going to vote to end this billion dollar subsidy to the state medical schools you are delusional.  Texas with one of the wealthiest university systems in the world operates its medical schools on the back of disabled veterans.  They take the money and then have inept doctors in training oversee the medical care of disabled veterans.  Texas has no shame.

I am not a Donald Trump fan, but he is the only presidential candidate calling out Congress for its lies and incompetence on this issue.

There are things which can be done.  I fully support veterans like myself being billed $500 a month as an insurance premium.  This could raise a lot of money.

I fully support, providing senior veterans on Medicare full access to the VA pharmacy for  discounted prescriptions without having to see a VA doctor.  It is a waste of money to have these veterans see their Medicare doctor to then have to have a VA doctor see them a second time to approve the prescription.

I fully support pulling all VA support from the state medical schools.  Billions are wasted funding the state medical schools which could go to direct care of veterans.  The doctors in training fail the veterans all of the time.  When dealing with disabilities and geriatric care it takes an experienced clinician to get it right.  Congress does not care.  The 100 Senators are never going to vote to end this billions of dollars in subsidies to the states.

The system can be fixed - but not with a Congress claiming they know nothing about the funding problems.

More and more private doctors have now informed the VA they will no longer see veterans.  Congressman Vela is fighting for us, but congress is too busy with nonsense to fix the problem.  They are about to go on their summer recess and the problem concerning VA funding is not even on the table. 

I cancelled my endocrinology appointment after learning my doctor has not been paid in over 6 months for any of the veteran claims.  I personally believe my VA doctor can manage my endo care and see no reason to add to the problem.  On the 17th all of my hormone levels will be checked.  At the end of the month I will see my VA doctor and so long as everything is stable there is no reason for me to see an outside specialist.  She will make the call - but I see no reason for specialty care so long as my numbers are stable.

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