Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Moments after your tirade Jessica posted the event on another blog.  Who was behind you?  Jessica. Who else could it have been so fast?  She was right behind you.  I did not believe the claim until Jessica verified it for me.  It was then I was rather quickly provided the video tape through an open record's request.

You two deserve one another. 

Jessica you and your deadbeat husband Art are playing hardball with the wrong person.  Given Art gets his business advice from Carlos Marin it should shock no one he  cheats his employees and is too low class to know public figures do not pay slave wages to their employees and then flaunt their wealth.  Your lack of class is second to none in Brownsville.

Wealth and success are a good thing.  But public figures with class do not flaunt it especially when they pay their employees slave wages.  It is a perception issue classless people do not understand.

This is not to trash successful people.  Success is to be celebrated - but not flaunted when you are a public figure paying your employees slave wages. Also anyone with money and class will tell you only nouveau riche trash flaunt their wealth.

Resign Jessica - so long as you are a public figure your conduct and how Art runs the business is public fodder.

I do not want to hear, I supported Jessica during the election.  That is mostly a lie.  I made it clear the incumbents should be voted out. But I covered the truth.  She has represented her district.  I was not going to lie about her record, such as Zarate was doing.  Yes my coverage favored Jessica, that I will not deny.  I covered the election.   The facts told the story not me, and they favored Jessica.

I made it clear Juanito was free to attack her with every lie he had.  I never  after that point defended against his lies.  I made it clear it was for Jessica to defend herself.

The people of Brownsville are tired of corrupt elected officials.  Zarate has major financial problems with Down by the Border - it was only his son and daughter which saved him from me filing certain documents with the Comptrollers office.  You do not impose the sin of the father on the children. 

As bad as Jessica is and phony and backstabbing, she was still superior to Zarate.  I covered the election.  People did not like it.  But no one can dispute had I not uncovered the financial problems with Down by the Border, Zarate would have won.

Yes, I handed her the victory and it sickened me.  But I knew she was still better than Zarate.  She represents her district, but as a person she is classless, and dishonest to everyone she knows.


Anonymous said...

Poor Cata, she had two huge Jessica signs at her home, and Jessica was the one that leaked the tape! Even Jessica outsmarted Cata!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, voting the lesser evil in politics is more common than not.
These people have to be tough to take the personal cost of running for public office, however, they expect to get paid. They are not doing it for "the good of the community".
Remember that old saying, "A little learning is a dangerous thing." In politics it's enough to learn how not to get caught.