Monday, August 24, 2015


It is so much more beautiful in the spread in my alumni magazine.  God I miss hiking up the mountain on Sunday to study.  The Sun Bowl is nestled in the mountains.  It is something to watch the football game in the snow surrounded by the mountains.  In my four years we won one game, in the snow against San Diego.  The truth be told no one won.  The field was solid mud and the ball was flying in all directions with neither team ever having control.  Somehow a UTEP player got his hands on it and scored.  This is where I learned to love college football over professional football.



My first night at UTEP in the dorms [a must if you really want to experience university life] I met Teresa.  I could not believe I was attending a university with someone of such exceptional intelligence.  39 years later we are still friends.  That first night we spent hours getting to know each other on a cold night [yes UTEP can get cold in August - remember you are in the mountains] sitting at a table in one of  UTEP's many green areas.  Parks are good for the students.

The better option for the COB and UTRGV is to incorporate Lincoln Park into UTRGV.  The Fine Arts program can have endless musical and play performances in the amphitheater.  It can and will become a center of culture for Brownsville, while inspiring our children to see UTRGV as a place they want to be.

I would be there with my picnic basket and booboo and on a regular basis.  We have the weather, why not use it to UTRGV's advantage.

I remember sometime back there being a problem with the UTB students playing various sports on a lawn near the student union.  UTRGV should provide a shuttle to Lincoln Park so that the students have a place to exercise and let off steam.  We use to call it hernia hill.  It was all uphill in the mountains to get from the dorms to the football stadium.  But you know what, it was good exercise and in a large group we always enjoyed the climb.

I would have no objection to the COB allowing UTRGV for a small rent to build a small student area where they can study or get something to eat.  A WIFI area needs to be installed.  This is something the city and UTRGV can do together.  As a reasonable settlement, I would not object to the city and UTRGV jointly paying to make all of Lincoln Park WIFI ready.

Smart minds can make Lincoln Park something which helps to define UTRGV as something unique and student friendly.  But as is always the question in Brownsville and Cameron county, vision is a problem.

The people, and the students of UTRGV can use Lincoln park in harmony with a partnership with UTRGV which makes it even better.

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Anonymous said...

After all these years, that is the best idea that you have posted. Lincoln Park need not go away instead it can be part of the University. Not only can it serve the students but also the community. Children playing in the park can be encourage to attend the higher education school simply by being among university students who are enjoying the park for leisure time or a place to study. The community could enjoy sharing the park with the university and many university activities can be presented and provided to those enjoying the outdoor park. Please pushed for the idea to become reality. Thank you.