Friday, August 7, 2015

After the tumor was removed the wound was more than an inch square.  That was 30 days ago.  This picture was taken today right after I did the 20 minute hydro cleanse, and dried the area using the cold setting on the hairdryer.  Removing the bandage is the hard part.  Bust hates it.  The boring part is sitting in the shower for 20 minutes.  The easy part is the three layer bandage which begins with a 2x3 covered in a jell which is an antibiotic and skin stimulator.

You can see we are down to less than a half inch.  You can also see the pink new skin.  She is all over the backyard running.  Right now she is whining to go out as I type.  She will run around for a good 10 minutes.

I suspect by next Friday the next time she sees the vet, we will have all new pink skin. I have no idea what happens then.  Hopefully by then until we get thick skin and hair I will only have to change the bandage twice a week.

She is 13 with an average maximum age of 14.  Her heart is strong and she is basically healthy. I think she will make it to 15 or 16.  But in this type terrier tumors and skin tags come with old age.  You can see a skin tag on her rear paw which will fall off eventually.  We do not worry about the skin tags.

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