Sunday, August 16, 2015


A Brownsville police officer told me he would not arrest the abuser who left the woman with a lump on her head, apartment trashed, while continuing his criminal trespass and refusing to leave the home of the woman where he has repeatedly been told to stay away.  I cannot get in the home today to try and repair the air conditioning setting box because he will not leave and according to the Brownsville police because Saenz will not prosecute domestic abuse cases without the cooperation of the victim, they will not arrest the abuser. Cooperation of the victim is not required for arrest or prosecution. All that is required is a verbal verification of the assault by the victim to the police.

This abuser is literally occupying the victim's home which he has trashed, and Chief Rodriguez refuses to act.  This is a shit town run by a corrupt police chief and a pathologically lying DA.

Going back to Emma's copy and past job from her lover Melissa Landin on domestic abuse, yesterday's events prove it was all lies. Emma unwilling to get off her lazy ass and actually go out and interview the victims before doing a copy and paste job on Melissa Landin's lies about how Saenz handles domestic abuse, prefers to send a message to men, it is okay to beat women, criminally trespass on their property, and destroy their homes while continuing to occupy their homes after the victim flees for their life because Saenz and the police will take no action.

How either of these women can look themselves in the face boggles my mind. Both were born to be whores for the politicos and their lies.  Melissa Landin has to be the most vile women in Cameron county.  She makes the street walkers on 14th street look like mother Teresa. Emma is not far behind.

Her endless excuse of "I am just doing my job" no longer flies.


You are both aiding and abetting in the abuse and murder and women and everyone in Cameron county needs to know this fact.

I am certain of a fact, but in the morning I need to pull a document.  It will be after 10 a.m.  Buster has her bandage change in the morning.  After I bring her home I will run to the courthouse to pull the document to prove a specific fact.

With the verified document, the story gets better and a lot bigger.


Anonymous said...

"Melissa Landin has to be the most vile women in Cameron county. She makes the street walkers on 14th street look like mother Teresa. Emma is not far behind."

Is this necessary to make your point? If so, are you practicing verbal abuse on females?

BobbyWC said...

How pathetic you are defending their conduct because in your opinion if someone uses the word woman it is an attack on women - not it is an attack on the person - I not use them vile person because Saenz and Sorola are head to head on that one.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, your message is lost with your past actions. You say that Emma and Melissa condone domestic violence on women....but what about you Bobby? Don't you condone it also with you love and support of the domestic abuser of her husband Jessica Tetreau? You can not have it both supported her over Sergio supported a domestic abuser....plain and simple! Domestic abuse is domestic abuse....wether on women or not make accusations without looking if they apply to you....

BobbyWC said...

First of all you are a liar. I report. You position is I never should have reported all of the problems with Down by The Border. Given the closeness of the race my reporting probably called the care.

I have never said a kind word about her husband and in fact I think he is a first class scumbag who does not pay his employees.

Unlike you I was not here when whatever happened, happened between them. The charges were dropped. So what the hell are you talking about - another troll with no life making stupid comments on the blogs.

I am about policy. There was no evidence of Jessica misusing funds for any reason - there was and remains plenty concerning the Zarates. In Brownsville that is a valid issue.

This is a valid issue during an election. Further, Jessica has taken care of her district.

Zarate was has problems - and in my opinion the only reason he is not in jail is because I chose to not file certain documents with the state because in the end the only real person who would have been punished is his Angelic daughter and I was not going to do that.

Get your facts straight - being accused of something does not make it true. The charges were dismissed. I was not there. So what is the evidence - none

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Further troll - facts - beyond a commentary that Jessica needed to get her act together with her husband I never commented on the claims - I never defended or blamed anyone one way or the other. I was not there and unlike you I do not consider moronic comments by trolls on the blogs as evidence.

So I defy you to post and copy where I defended her as to the claims.

In the end the charges were dropped and expunged. So where is the evidence to support your claim troll?