Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The case does not have to be as bad as this one.  In the case I am working on Chief Rodriguez absolutely refuses to arrest the alleged abuser even though Texas law does not require the cooperation of the alleged victim.  Officer Martinez specifically told me he would not arrest the alleged abuser because the DA's office will not prosecute without the cooperation of the victim.  This is not Texas law.  Her statement identifying her alleged abuser along with her bruising and lump on her head was more than enough to arrest the alleged abuser. 
At the time he was an employee of City Commission Tetreau's husband.  She lied to me and said she would have a supervisor call the officer right away and instruct him in the law.  She never did it.  According to the alleged abuser he was not fired until the following Wednesday after the alleged Saturday attack. 
During that call from the victims and alleged abuser in the background I was specifically told Art Kalifa was demanding I take down the story.  Art Kalifa and Jessica Tetreau then tried to file bogus criminal charges on me for exercising my right to free speech and reporting facts, after I refused to take down the articles.  The police considered their complaint so frivolous they did not even record it.  They informed me of same on Tuesday.
Women die all of the time from head injuries caused by domestic abuse.  Officer Martinez at my request refused to call the EMS to check out the victim.
It is clear the Brownsville Police have no interest in training their officers in the law of domestic abuse or enforcing the law.  The parents of the victim are working on it.  This is far from over.  The only thing the police have done right so far was laugh Jessica Tetreau and Art Kalifa out of the police station.
Okay guys, I forgot I have early meetings. Not sure when I will be home.  I may add additional stories later on Wednesday.

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