Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The above motion to dismiss was filed on September 13, 2013, even though Negrete plead guilty on June 14, 2013, and was given time served.  Of note, the reason given is again Double Jeopardy.  The case referenced wherein he was allegedly already tried is my nephew's case which was dismissed on a bogus double jeopardy claim, which is now before the State Bar and FBI.
The court saw this was a con and denied the motion to dismiss.   
This is proof Saenz and not Sorola was the person behind the claim of double jeopardy.  Sorola had nothing to do with the above case.  In fact Negrete did not even have an attorney at the time.
This is all going to the State Bar and FBI.
The victim in the above case who was assaulted in the face and left with bruising is a disabled deaf female.  She could not even cry out for help as Hector Negrete beat her.  She is mad as hell over what is happening and has asked for the link to the State Bar for a complaint.  It is being provided.

The State Bar number on the Motion belongs to Jose Enrique 'Joe' Arreola Jr.   The State Bar picture is blocked from saving, copying or printing, so you can only see his picture by clicking on the link.
My sources at the court house have informed me that he will sell Saenz out to protect himself.
The link here with Saenz is a Negrete family member worked on his campaign and donated money.  The FBI and State Bar have the documents.
Luis it is time to accept reality - resign in exchange for immunity and giving up all the evidence on the attorneys who have corrupted the process.  You also need to give up the names of everyone 8 Liner owner who gave you money.  You also need to give up Charles Isbell.
06/14/2013  Plea With Attorney (Judicial Officer: Betancourt, Laura L. )
This day this cause was called for trial and the parties appeared and announced ready for trial. The defendant appeared in person and by his/her attorney and waived a trial by jury and submitted the decision of the cause to the Court. Thereupon, the Court stated to the defendant the accusation and in open court the defendant pleaded guilty to said accusation. The Court, after hearing the evidence finds the defendant guilty/ defers the finding guilt and fixed the punishment at: Trial courts certification of defandants Right of appeal signed and entered
06/14/2013  Jail Sentence (Judicial Officer: Betancourt, Laura L. )
$ 0.00 fine and court cost, 76days in jail. Credit for time served and to run concurrent with all other cases.
09/13/2013  State's Motion to Dismiss

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