Thursday, August 20, 2015


I borrowed this photo from McHale.  I am very hesitant to post this comment because Father TJ Martinez is [not was - because he still lives among us through his contributions] strived to emulated everything good in Joshua's teachings.  He was and remains truly an extraordinary man.  He taught me that I can live my life as a Jesuit priest even though I am not a Catholic.  I strive more and more each day to live that message.  And in my journey I respect and honor everyone who lives the message regardless of what faith or non-faith they practice.

Yes guys, if you know anything about Jesuit priests you know they have been expelled from more than one country for speaking up for the people. 

BUT, for me it is very unseemly for Tony Martinez to be taking Holy Communion, while promoting himself in the picture.  Just an observation. 


Anonymous said...

You old hippie, you.
All religions seem to be going one step beyond helping mankind by preaching that God wants you to help mankind by becoming as rich as possible. I'm paraphrasing, of course.
No surprise that people like the Brownsville mayor want you to believe God's plan includes their form of success. You might be able to see through that crap, but imagine how many Trump-loving, god-fearing, Joel Osteen-blinded, Republican-wanna-bees eat it up.
Separation of religion and government is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

"BUT, for me it is very unseemly for Tony Martinez to be taking Holy Communion"

Can a remarried divorcee take communion? Quien sobby.

- Beaker

BobbyWC said...

I'm not a Catholic so I do not know. But many get annulments even after the divorce

Bobby WC