Friday, August 7, 2015

For the record guys, you do not have to be a lawyer to handle social security disability claims.  You simply need to apply to social security, meet the standards, and you can be approved to process disability claims.  My advice to people though is, do not hire someone who does not have the staff to develop and argue your case.  It is really important that they have a nurse on staff to help write the claim.  They also need to know how to access the CFR's so that your claim can be aligned with the CFR's.  This is always the key to a VA claim.  I never charge for VA claims, but veterans will assign me as their representative and I always use the CFR language as the basis for the claim and it works every time.

When ever people ask me about applying for SSI or SSDI the first thing I tell them is, you will starve unless you have a second income.

Many lawyers are unaware of the age 55 rule.  If they know the rule there is a good chance on appeal the Administrative Judge will grant the disability.  Basically the idea is, at age 55 you are too old to retrain and close enough to retirement they grant you disability so long as you are at least a border line case.

A friend of mine is why I am doing this post.  Two law firms have told him no such rule exists.  Well it does.  They just never heard of it and blow off their clients.  A new firm has taken the case which has a lot of experience with the age 55 rule and I am certain he will win, and then starve.

I am providing some links which explain to lay people and lawyers how the rule works.

Okay guys, I have a busy day.  If during the day any open records responses come through I will post them.  I suspect nothing will come though until the end of next week. 

I will have my SourcePro with me at meetings and will post if there is an important story.


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