Tuesday, July 14, 2015


From the Department of State: "Upon arriving at Newark International Airport in New Jersey, they handed him over to U.S. Marshals, who escorted him to Culver County, Texas." click for press release  See State Department Press Release

If this is true, DA Saenz will be denied the opportunity to meet Amit Livingston since he is not coming to Cameron county. 

But here is the hitch, where is Culver County, Texas?  It is not listed as a county in Texas.  Was this a snub to Saenz and Cameron county, or just incompetence by a POI at the Department of State?

Click for list of Texas counties

I also did a search for Texas Correctional Facilities - click for directory  Nothing in a Culver city or county.

So, did the POI at State snub Cameron county or just get bad information.

I just find it ironic that in the case of a man who went missing for years the Department of State Press Release on his arrival in the US leaves its readers asking, where is Amit Livingston? Oh, he is here, but for now we are not sure where.


Anonymous said...

Press release was taken down.

BobbyWC said...

but do you get State did nor care enough about the Cameron county connection to get it right. it tells me they did not even confer with Saenz until after the press release. or they simply considered him unimportant

Anonymous said...

Montoya beat u to the story blimp...hahahah

BobbyWC said...

No, I chose to not report on it. I am not going to help Saenz with his abuse of this family. It is disgusting. Saenz knows the BV cannot be used for his propaganda.

I chose to go with this because it showed the State did not care enough about Cameron county or Saenz to get that part of the press release right - which shows how little real or meaningful contact they had with him.

His conduct if offensive and it will come back at him.

Montoya can go with Saenz propaganda all he wants - I will not.

Now of course he is correct in how he spinned. Saenz had nothing to do with this and State did not even care enough about Saenz to get the destination correct.

But the BV will not be used by Saenz to promote himself

Bobby WC