Friday, July 24, 2015


This subject is difficult for me because the blogs are filled with nothing more than endless conspiracy theories and do absolutely nothing to address the issue or the need for a United Brownsville.  If all you have is anger because no one is paying you, then ship off.

The concept behind United Brownsville is spot on.  The concept - not United Brownsville - is key to turning Brownsville into the center of a metroplex.  We all know the naysayers - moving out of caves was a conspiracy by developers to steal our money.

Nothing is free.  Progress is never painless.  But the key is progress.

In working on this I went to United Brownsville's web page in hopes of seeing something of substance.  There is nothing.  There is zero evidence they  have actually done anything - well other than endless meetings to have BS sessions. 

The representatives from the various entities cannot bind the entities - so all they can do is engage in endless BS sessions which lead nowhere.  Which is exactly where United Brownsville is.

My frustration is not with the existence of the organization - which is needed - but with its incredible mismanagement and lack of PROGRESS.

I have no problem with any entity or elected official voting to fund United Brownsville.  The concept is essential to moving us forward.  Anything which helps Brownsville helps TSC and its students - which in the end is what matters.


I want to see a shake up at United Brownsville.  We need someone who understands you must keep the community educated as to what you are doing.  According to their web page they have done nothing.  Brownsville without United Brownsville can organize trade seminars.

Contrary to the conspiracy claims, United Brownsville cannot and does not speak for anyone.  The various entities in separate votes would have to agree to binding themselves to anything United Brownsville commits Brownsville to.

There is absolutely no evidence - I mean none - that they lobbied Austin for anything as a regular lobbyist - so that does not fly.


United Brownsville can work - and now that TSC and others have agreed to their annual payments, they need to demand change.  UB needs real leadership.  They need a leader who can demonstrate how UB is actually benefiting Brownsville and bringing the communities together.

I am unprepared to throw UB out the window without first giving the various entities an opportunity to prove to the people they are spending our money wisely - they do this by demanding meaningful change.

We need someone in charge who is out front pushing Brownsville in a very visible way.   But then here is the problem.  Their budget does not allow for them to carry out their mission.  But if they ask for more money, it will backfire.


But now I expect TSC to demand accountability for the money.  I expect TSC and the other entities to demand new leadership.  We need a leader with a strong personality who becomes our number one salesperson.


Until we have workers trained in robotics manufacturing, we are going no where.  Where has UB been on this issue in helping TSC - it is not even on their radar.  TSC and UB should be all over Austin and the feds for the funding of this essential job training which is key to our development.

UB is not even aware of the problem.


If I see TSC and the other entities do their job and demand meaningful change at UB, then I will be with those who voted to extend the agreement.  But if everyone is going to continue doing what they are doing now - going to endless BS meetings - then I believe the people should hold those who support UB accountable.


Anonymous said...

"United Brownsville can work - and now that TSC and others have agreed to their annual payments, they need to demand change."

The time to demand change is before they commit to giving them the crazy guy!

BobbyWC said...

there's a business model Harvard does not teach. shut them down and then demand xhange

BobbyWC said...

i hate updating on phone. i have received enough information that at this time i can say TSC needs to dump United Brownsville. This is not about who is right or wrong, but about TSC.

if lili tercero acts under the recommendation she can fund UB, it will the same as resigning.

TSC cannot have this kind of division among its trustees. UB is dividing TSC in a bad way.

it is time UB be replaced with metroplex Brownsville. more tomorrow.

the concept if united brownsville is lost when it finds itself dividing an institution as important as TSC.

this is not about who is right or wrong. it is about TSC

bobby wc