Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Side note:  Valley Baptist Harlingen makes Valley Baptist Brownsville look like a country club.  Never, ever again.  Most patients were on beds along the wall and not in the empty rooms.  A nurse could not do my EKG because she is uncomfortable touching men.  I had to help connect the tabs because she was not comfortable touching men.
I had to ask for a wheelchair to be taken to the men's room to change into a gown.  They use this portable wall which provides no privacy.
When I asked for painkillers I was told they are not authorized to write prescriptions for painkillers, but that they could give me morphine once my ride arrived.  The morphine did nothing for the pain.  It is going to be a long and painful night.


My personal doctor upon examining me was determined to stay with me until I was stable and all of the paperwork was done.  She told me to use "my way" to prevent VB from sending me home.  She wanted me admitted to Valley Baptist Harlingen.  They refused because the surgery was done at Doctors Renaissance.

My doctor and the ER doctor both told me my lungs were functioning perfectly normal.  Here is the problem - according to the ct scan I have bibasilar subsegmental atelectasis.   You cannot have this and have normal oxygen levels and normal lung function.

I was given one antibiotic.  I have to go back to the VA tomorrow for more antibiotics and a painkiller.  There will be no sleep tonight

I'm in horrible pain and struggling to breath.  VB was authorized to send me to Doctor's Renaissance if need be and chose not to.  Her shift was up and she was out the door.  No doctor ever discussed any findings with me.  I only know what I know because I demanded the lab work and ct scan read.

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