Saturday, July 25, 2015

I am to try and do as many laps in the pool as possible as many times a day as possible - and walk Buster as much as possible - but my roommate has to mow the lawn and tend to the yard for another month. 
My lungs have gone lazy - a simple term some doctors use and others claim to be nonexistent - the term not the condition.

It's a challenge, but I am pushing hard to clean the house before vacuuming the pool.  I'm to keep on pushing until I feel like I am dizzy.  It is the only way I am going to restore the lungs.

The surgery scars are barely visible - they are more like cat scratches. 


My liver has now seen two gallbladder surgeries along with other scaring from fatty infiltration.  That is why he gave me the picture so that in the future if I have problems other doctors will know the extent of the scarring.  In 10-25 years the scar can lead to ascites.  If caught early it is easily curable.  A friend's mother is going through this as I type.  She is in stage two so her chances are good.

A family member went through it in January - the ascites were caused by scar tissue from a bowel resection some 38 years before.  A lot of women who have undergone hysterectomies end up with ascites. 

The great news for me is, my liver enzymes are checked every 4 months.  If a pattern emerges of them getting worse, we then have a warning sign.  It is easy enough for a PCP to check the abdominal sac for fluid build-up.  You may not realize this, but you can have this for years because in a lot of cases, it reabsorbs before it becomes a problem.


As I explained before the lung presses down on the diaphragm when it expands, and in turn the diaphragm presses down on the liver.  Well given the fact the liver needs at least another month to heal, every time the diaphragm tries to press down on it, it can and does cause spasms of the diaphragm, small intestine and other organs - hence the pain. 

Most people fail to understand antibiotics are actually your best painkiller.  Quiet frequently the source of pain is an infection.  If you resolve the infection you resolve the pain.  The antibiotics are working and the pain is minimal.

Time to mop


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