Monday, July 6, 2015


One of the great joys about getting old, is the past. I remember all of these great shows - when life was less complex.  TV does still have a lot of good programming.  Extant with Halle Berry just started again, and Zoo is very good.

So the other night, my brother is visiting his daughter in San Diego. He brought along his other daughter and two grandkids. So about 11:30 p.m. our time the other night he calls asking if we went to Disneyland in 1974 when we took a month to drive from New York to California.

Anyone who can afford to do this - do it for your kids. We did it all of the time. It started with daddy and my older brother continued the tradition. It was not a luxury trip. Unless it was raining we slept under the stars next to the fire. Well one night in the rain we slept under the truck when it started to rain. Of course my brother, sister-in-law and nephew slept in the camper on the back of the truck.

Anyway I digress - the Armodafinil just kicked in. It is like a billion bits of data hitting you at once.  If you have cognition fog or chronic fatigue this is an amazing medication.  It averages about $1.25 to $1.50 a pill. I do not take it every day because in my case it loses its benefit after three days.  I will tell you this, when on it I can do in an hour which will otherwise take me all day.

Oh, on my brother, I am thinking why is he calling me 12:30 a.m. NY time - that is when he said he was in San Diego.  He could not remember if we went to Disneyland.  We argued about whether we saw "It is Small World" at the 1964 World's Fair or Disneyland.  He conceded.  We have these calls all of the time.  He knows since as a kid I hate NASCAR.  As a kid he use to drag us to the races.  I hated the noise and smell of gas.  So of course during the season he will call on Sunday and ask "are you watching the race?"  He will laugh, "just checking to see if you have changed and then hang up."

Such as daddy he has mellowed as he got older - but he had been 100% loyal to mom, when she was alive, and to all of the younger siblings his entire life.  If your dad has to die young, he is who you want as a big brother, well except when he is yelling- which he really hasn't done for some 20 years.  

See pictured below with my sister-in-law, nieces and grand niece and nephew, along with other family members from last Summer.  An even bigger clan is coming in August.


The euphoria I know I am experiencing from the medication, will taper in about 20 more minutes.  There is no crash - just amazing focus and getting a ton of work done.  But the euphoria is nice and even funny when people are around to see it.

This fits in with my defense of Dr. Tercero micromanaging.  So this morning I checked with the VA to make sure everything has been approved for the second gallbladder surgery on the 14th.  They said yes and that the surgeon has everything.  Yes, but I must micromanage.  I called the surgeon's office to see if they have everything - they do.  So I ask the assistant if they will fax over the authorization to Doctors Renaissance or if I can pick up a copy on Wednesday when I go preregister.

The surgery has been changed to this Wednesday.  I am off to Doctor's Renaissance to preregister.  You see had I not micromanaged, I would have missed the surgery.  Because I like this doctor and his staff, I will assume my phone dropped the voice mail telling me of the change.  Sometimes things happen and you let it go at that.  God's knows I micromanage my life, so he knew I would find out in time.

You go Dr. Tercero - make them work or send them packing.


I expect coloring books, crayons, and play-doh - us older people understand.  The doctor says until he gets in he has no idea how long I will be there.  Last time was a week.  It could be two-three days to a week or longer.  Once I am able to function, I will post my status.

The good news is I have a team of family and friends to manage the house, yard and pool for a month if need be.  So all is cool there.

I have things to do concerning the mail-ballots from the city elections - the sooner I get home the better.  I am ready and focused on that one. I know what I need to do to prove where Tony  Martinez's mail ballots came from.

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