Thursday, July 23, 2015


I am not making this up - Juanito actually said: "And of course, he brings in the Rrunrrun as well, claiming that everyone (Sorola) and his brother (if he has one) pay us for what we write. Oh, but that that was true!"  With rare exception everyone knows this is true.  Numerous elected officials called me to read it.  They were laughing in disbelief that Sorola is so hell bend on destroying himself that he actually believes this nonsense is going to fly.


You see according to Juanito if an owner of a motorcycle sees his motorcycle trashed in the street and in the dark and questimates as to the damages is binding, and the certified estimate provided by Harley Davidson of San Benito would be fraudulent.  Because to any fool a questimation in the dark is obviously more accurate than an officially certified estimate by Harley Davidson.

The below estimate was just provided to my nephew minutes after he requested it.  Saenz clearly wants to distance his office from Sorola and Montoya's lies.


Juanito's claim that I said the damages were $3,000 is a bold face lie.  This is the only evidence ever provided to DA Saenz's office, and within minutes of my nephew requesting it, Saenz ordered it released.  He wants nothing to do with Sorola and Montoya.  I think he finally understands how dangerous and stupid Sorola really is.

All of these lies and defamation per se now against my nephew are part of the retaliation charge.

He has now amended his post with smoking gun emails wherein I am complaining Saenz does not seek restitution for the victims.  What a terrible person I must be to demand criminals pay restitution.


This has nothing to do with the State of Texas.  From the time Saenz took office I posted story after story that his crime victims unit was incompetent.  They had no idea what they were doing.  My emails clearly say restitution - which by Texas law means the criminal paying the victim and not the state.  But when Sorola is your legal advisor you have to know you will get it wrong.

Just digging the hole deeper.

Saenz staff did not understand any of this in the beginning.  They were confusing the two programs.  My complaint in the emails by its plain language goes to Saenz not seeking restitution.  There is not an ounce of truth to Montoya's or Sorola's claims.  Restitution by law is from the defendant not the state. 

The only people who need to be worried about a defamation suit is Mary Esther Garcia Sorola, Louis Sorola, and Juanito.  Remember this Sorola last time around, Montoya lied under oath and Robert Sanchez's insurance company paid $60,000.  When the moment comes Sorola you will learn to Montoya you are worth less than used toilet paper - you will be disposable.

Threatening someone with a defamation lawsuit who has filed a criminal complaint and State Bar complaint raises the question of, is Sorola still mentally competent?

Juanito feigns shock that he is being brought into it.  Hum?  He calls my nephew twice demanding that they speak and he has no idea why he is part of this.  I think it must be alcohol on the brain syndrome.

I would certainly like to see the source of the claim the $500 donation to Saenz came from Sorola.  I have never seen any such claim.  In the Villalobos case, Oscar de la Fuente testified over and over again that the clients would give him the money and then he would donate it to Villalobos in his name, so the clients name did not show up. 


They have the below Motion to Withdraw filed by Leticia Barguiarena.  Paragraph 2 says she "is unable to effectively communicate with her client."  In paragraph 7 she says she was able to give her former client the motion - so it was not a question he had disappeared.

If all she had to do is stand there while Gus Garza argued dismissal of the case, where is there a communication problem ?- other than as Sorola himself has now admitted there was no basis to the Double Jeopardy defense.  There was none - and all of these verifiable lies by his trained Monkey is only making the case easier to prove.

Saenz's office was quick to get me the above estimate to prove the lie.  They have no desire to be part of Sorola's self destruction.

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