Wednesday, July 1, 2015


UPDATE:  Melissa Landin in a phone call is categorically denying the claims concerning SpaceX.  She also denies knowing Masso or contacting him concerning employment in the event Saenz loses the election.  Her position is she takes orders from Saenz and his staff and performs her job and that it is. Well maybe that is the problem.

The BV stands by the story and its sources.


Juanito loves to say Melissa Zamora Landin is my source within the DA's office - his proof none - but why have proof so long as someone is cutting his a check to write the story.  There are plenty of people within Saenz's office releasing information that no one has to go to Melissa.  As Juanito's own open records request proved, I do not so much have Saenz email.  It also showed everything I got from her was through a proper Open Records Request. 

The bottom line is, the same people who have been feeding me information all along are the same people who are feeding me the information for this story.

When Melissa was on the City Commission I told her she was he own worst enemy - nothing has changed.  She is pictured below in a pose which I believe represents her true self.  I have pondered this post for about three weeks, and have decided it is time.

When you speak to people who know her you hear in one form or another - "a back stabbing female dog who cannot be trusted."

Well Luis, ask her how she lobbied just about every elected official to help her land the position of PIO for Space X.  How she told people should could not stand one more day in your office.

Ask her how she has already begged Carlos Masso to keep her on when you lose.

She has not only betrayed all human decency - she has betrayed you Luis. For the record Zeke Silva harasses Masso on a regular basis for access to his campaign.  And for the record, it was not Melissa who told me about the problems with Zeke in Saenz's office - it was Zeke himself through his friends.  It was Zeke's friends who told me Melissa had filed a complaint against him and Saenz dismissed it. Zeke has a big mouth.

As to Masso, do not count on him going into a clean election with Saenz.  I can easily see a highly qualified person defeating both Saenz and Masso in the primary.  It is going to be a blood bath one way or the other.

ADA's have no problem telling me Melissa has no bounds as to what she will do for Luis Saenz.  The law has no meaning to Melissa.  If Luis orders her to do it she will. 

Based on what I have learned when Luis loses and he will, Melissa will not be able to get a job cleaning toilets in a 14th street cantina.  If there is an elected official in this town who trusts her I have failed to meet them.  Her long time associates express nothing but contempt for what she has become under Saenz.  I tell them, "under Saenz? - all she has done is go back to her same old self - Saenz knew this about her which is why she was hired - her known reputation made her reliable - you cannot blame Saenz for who Melissa Zamora Landin is as a person."


Anonymous said...

whats the link with MZ and SpaceX? You know they all want top jobs there.

BobbyWC said...

She was asking to get an interview for poi if they hired one.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't want a bettter paying job no matter what the company. Leaving a job for a better one does not mean you are disloyal. It means advancement which is what most want.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is you are an insider on Masso's campaign and that Masso was offering to pay her more. Thanks for that insight.

Bobby WC