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I was going to let his moronic post on the bail bond issue go, because I know no one is listening.  So a disgruntled bondsman is paying Juanito to trash the county for making money.

Here is his argument, now that the Pretrial program has worked, and Cameron county has extra beds it can use to raise revenue, Cameron county should abandon the Pretrial Bond program, fill up the jails again and walk away from the millions Cameron county is due to earn by renting out the space to Hidalgo county.  We all know how bad it is for the county to make money - the inhumanity of it all. 

This is a business model only a drunk could conceive of.


First of all, the young lady he claims is my nephew's daughter is not.  His only daughter is a very successful PhD psychologist.  But when you are a drunk anyone with the same last name must be your daughter.

Juanito's claim is simple, if I pull a file it is an unauthorized practice of law, but if he pulls a file it is not.  Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.

The woman learned from her abuser's family they were going to have her arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.  The arrest was to occur on the day of the domestic abuse trial to keep her from testifying.   I researched it.  There was a warrant.  It should shock no one that Juanito seeks to attack the victim of domestic abuse, while defending Hector Negrete who assaulted a woman.  Yea, that's right, Juanito has been repeatedly arrested for being drunk, and on at least one occasion for beating a woman.

The file showed the inept David Gonzales ordered the capias for failure to appear even though his own staff had verified for him, she was never ordered to appear.  It was lost on David Gonzales that a party defendant has to be ordered to appear before you can issue a capias for failure to appear.

When I realized this I informed David Gonzales' coordinator of the problem and was going to have the young lady to appear in his court voluntarily to handle the matter.  I was not there.

When she walked into court, the bailiff upon learning her name and checking the system detained her, although David Gonzales' staff had assured me that would not happen.  She was to receive a court appointed attorney and the capias pulled.

There is actually a record wherein David Gonzales drilled me as to why I was investigating this case.  On the record I am clear I represent no one and am not being paid a penny for my investigation.  I explained to him he had issued a capias on a woman who was never ordered to appear.

Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.  They work with court staff on these issues every day.

On the day she voluntarily appeared and was detained, the man who was facing felony charges for beating her, was in court for the charges related to his arrest.  She was panic stricken.  He was being detained side by side with her abuser and being arrested on a bad capias.

She had no one to advise her.  Saenz knew the capias was bad, and his stupid ADA pushes for a plea bargain knowing full well the court appointed attorney was suppose to file a motion to dismiss based on a want of prosecution.  The law at that point was pretty clear.  If the DA fails to act on a case for a year the court is to dismiss it for failure to prosecute.  This is conditioned on the defendant not having been part of the delay.


Juanito's claim that Saenz brought the files I wanted is a lie.  It never happened.  Further, Cascos initiated the meet not me. The emails are clear on this issue.  Cascos was concerned about the bad publicity Saenz was receiving for having someone arrested on a bad capias, and prosecuted on a criminal trespass case which had been abandoned.  The crime, being in Dean Porter park at a time it was closed.  We cannot let these criminals walk.

Further, part of the email he posted is fabricated.  In my life I have never said Gotham.  Never - ever. - but weirder things have happened so maybe I did - but it would have been the one and only time I ever used the word.


Saenz knew he had a mess.  Juanito fails to explain her court appointed attorney realizing his mess up, filed a motion to withdraw the plea.

Motion Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Gonzales III, David)
Motion to withdraw plea, Rigo Flores atty.

You will note Rigo was the defense attorney, not the ADA as claimed by Juanito.  You will also note he defended Eddie Lucio in the federal criminal case and won.

At this point Flores had the case.  He got a notice from Saenz the case was being dismissed in the interest of justice.  Saenz knew David Gonzales would have had no choice but to grant the motion to dismiss for want of prosecution.  This is why Juanito intentionally fails to mention the case was filed in 2011, but not prosecuted until 2013, after I told the young lady to go to court voluntarily.  By 2013, the court had yet to send a proper notice to appear - the DA did nothing with the case - hence Motion to Dismiss for Want of a Timely Trial - a constitutional guarantee by the way.


Juanito is defending the dismissal of criminal charges of a man on bogus double jeopardy charges, who assaulted a woman during his drunken tirade. [we all know why Juanito does not want drunks prosecuted], and claiming some huge conspiracy because Saenz dismissed criminal trespass charges against a woman whose case sat idle for years as the DA failed to even request her appearance in court.

Sorola is nuts.  He does not realize it, but in this post he created another complainant with a very valid complaint.

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