Friday, July 3, 2015


Lili Tercero inherited Juliet Garcia's nightmare.  You do not clean up a nightmare without making enemies.  In my opinion to TSC's benefit a lot of employees jumped ship rather than wait to see who would and would not survive the necessary cuts to make the TSC UTB separation work.

I am not going to say all is well.  Personally, I believe TSC is going in the same direction as places like UT with an over dependence of technology in the classroom.  Computer programs cannot stimulate critical thinking or problem solving.  All instruction should be centered on an instructor who can stimulate the minds of the students.  The use of technology to aid this is important.  I am a strong advocate of the Smart Board.  It combines the best of human instruction and technology.

Arizona is seeing  a major flight of teachers and now in fact a shortage because the state decided to push technology over instructors. They also have some of the lowest salaries and spending per student in the country.  You cannot use technology as a replacement for proper funding and well paid teachers.

The good teachers who really want to teach are leaving the state to states where they will still be able to teach.  TSC will never be able to recruit the best until a decision is made to turn the classroom back over to the instructors and away from an over dependence on technology.

Textbooks with premade exams are a death nail to critical thinking.  A good instructor aligns their individual instruction with the here and now, and exams which actually become part of the instructional process. TSC such as UT has decided to forego this important part of the instructional process for the Freshman and Sophomore classes.  When these students reach their junior year and learn they were not properly prepared for the higher level courses in their major, it will be too late to undo the damage.

The thing about instructors is, especially those who just exist for the job and imaginary title, they will go along with anything which means less work. 

You could not pay me enough to work at TSC so long as they continue down the path of technology over instructor.


Texas A & M has partnered with TSC to create a two year engineering program which will transfer to Texas A & M as if the students took the courses at Texas A & M and not TSC.

Dr. Tercero's contract has been extended - which sends a message of confidence by the Board to Texas A & M. and others.  She received a 4.5% raise along with all other employees.

TSC for sure has growing pains.  Dr. Tercero every day faces those who want to keep things exactly as Dr. Garcia had them - which means failure for sure. It also means having to micromanage at times to deal with the Juliet Garcia holdovers who are refusing positive change.

Adela Garza because she is not the Board President will continue to trash TSC and hurt Brownsville and its students. Her conduct only serves to hurt morale.  I think during her next election she will learn she is an unwelcomed member on the Board.

TSC will be fully accredited.  If for some reason something goes wrong in August, TSC's accreditation carries for at least another year and maybe two - depending on who you ask - under the old UTB partnership.  The creation of UT Rio Grande Valley does nothing to change the existing accreditation of TSC, at this time.

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