Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The issue of the Grand Jury meeting on Margarita Ozuna was pretty well known around the court house. Predicting she would be indicted again is like predicting rain in a rain forest. So yesterday after I learned she was indicted I gave Juanito a heads up. With no sources at the court house to help him, and no money to pay for a copy of the indictment he simply makes up a story based on the BV's original post.

 He has no idea what the entries on the docket sheet means so he does what he does best - fabricates.

From Juanito:

Educating Juanito: 

"The information indicates the indictment was issued June 24, a week ago tomorrow. There is also a felony notice form and a ongoing investigation notice attached to the charges."

There is no ongoing investigation notice attached to the charges.  I know he never saw the official file because otherwise he would have reported the correct number of 95 victims instead of the some 80 or so.

And before I hear some stupid comment by someone too lazy to google it, CR-43, is her criminal history.

Events & Orders of the Court
06/24/2015  Felony Information Form
Felony Information Form
06/24/2015  Indictment or Information (OCA)
Original Case Filed by Indictment or Information (OCA) and CR-43
06/29/2015  Active Criminal (OCA)
Active (OCA)

Active OCA means the case is active and by law it has been reported to the Office of Court Administration.

Ozuna was charged with violation of the Texas Election Code 86.006(g)(3) "(3)  a state jail felony if the person possesses 20 or more ballots or carrier envelopes unless the person possesses the ballots or carrier envelopes without the consent of the voters, in which event the offense is a felony of the second degree."

The reason the docket sheet says Felony Information Form is because - here it comes - she was charged with a felony.  It is a form the state must complete.  It is an information form about the case.  Nothing more nothing less.

Finally as of about 4:40 p.m. or so yesterday all the file referenced - in fact the indictment  - bail was set at $10,000.  There is nothing in the file as of 4:40 p.m. or so to indicate the $10,000 as noted on the indictment was changed to a PR bond.  I cannot say if she received a PR Bond - all I can say is the indictment document itself set Bond at $10,000

I do the professional courtesy of giving Juanito the heads up so he can go to the court house and get the story, and instead he comes to the BV, demonstrates his total lack of understanding of what the entries mean, and then partially fabricates a story to create drama.

The Texas AG is not going to put in any document there is an ongoing investigation.  Why would they?  But be assured they are working to find a way to indict a candidate or elected official.  They just are not going to announce it in some document.

Juanito might want to start associating with lawyers who can read a docket sheet before he runs to create partially fabricated stories.

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Anonymous said...

CR-43 is a form to report her criminal history back to DPS Crime Information Center. When a person is arrested a CR-43 is generated by the arresting agency listing the charges. The duplicates get submitted to the DA's Office with the criminal case. Once the case is disposed then the DA reports the outcome of the criminal charges back to DPS through the CR-43. So when a criminal history is run by any law enforcement agency that is how you see all the criminal history from all the CR-43 forms that have been submitted for that particular person.