Thursday, July 2, 2015


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For all you narrow minded bigots it has been verified Ken Paxton was as pure as the driven snow until he visited Mexico when the water turned him corrupt and stupid.  Stupidity and corruption comes in all colors and political persuasions - it is time the ignorant learn this.


"Kent Schaffer, a Houston defense attorney, said a Texas Rangers investigation of Paxton revealed that the attorney general broke laws beyond what he admitted last year, when he was fined $1,000 by the State Securities Board.

“That’s what we intend to present to the grand jury,” said Schaffer, when asked whether Paxton committed a first-degree felony. “We have a sufficient amount of evidence. Whether it leads to a criminal indictment or not is up to the grand jury.”

If Paxton is indicted it will cause his office to lose all credibility.  It would be interesting to see a second Texas AG go to prison.

I remind my readers AG Paxton's office is the one telling me they have no jurisdiction to investigate home healthcare workers harvesting mail ballots.

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The Federal Court of Appeals has finally informed Texas it has no choice but to comply with the Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality.

Texas Clerks were not all too happy with the mess of it made by Ken Paxton.

"Most clerks on a statewide email list seemed surprised at the court decision and lack of help.

“We were the first people to be affected and the last ones to be contacted,” wrote Deborah Rushing from Yoakum County. “No one had our back.”

After Attorney General Ken Paxton — the state’s civil lawyer, not a primary legal authority on county matters — advised clerks to defend religious freedom but expect lawsuits, Ellis County Clerk Cindy Polley wrote: “Does it seem to anyone else the AG is putting it back on us?”

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Anonymous said...

What is next? Men wanting to marry their own daughters, mothers wanting to marry their own sons, brothers and sisters wanting to marry each other. Pay attention everyone, once you open a door to this unnatural ways of life, more will follow. You just wait and see. They will also probably waive the age an adult can marry a child. Despicable! Don't even say one thing does not compare to the other. That is what this country thought before the supreme court decided to rule the lives of citizens in the U.S.A. People are becoming more and more perverse. Mankind has lost all sense of decency. It appears that now only God, can help this world. God help us all!!!

BobbyWC said...

Dude just come out of your closet - you will be happier - you do not seem to know that just about everything you reference above at one point or another God sanctioned in the Old Testament -=

So if you want to play you are saying when God gave the law to stone your children to death for disrespecting you that was good law -

People like you only serve to make fools of yourself

You might want to learn about this God you quote before you quote his word -

He told the Israelites it was okay to slaughter innocent women and children - you can keep your God - I will keep mine

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

To 12:47
But it is ok for heterosexuals to commit adultery, divorce and remarry several times? I guess this is normal and natural ?! Is this this sanctity of marriage? All this hurts people, but as long you divorce by the courts, you have a clean slate to remarry. This doesn't turn your head or is not perverse? Not every one does this, but no one is forcing men to marry men or women to marry women.