Sunday, July 12, 2015


It appears to be Jerry's intent to use FB and BlogSpot as backups to one another.  If one shuts him down he will still have the other.

I prefer the FB page because the comments require the poster's name, and seem to make his posts more real.

Look guys, Jerry is going to be Jerry.  I always say if you cannot be yourself who can you be.

But in the process of being yourself you can find yourself being self destructive.  Jerry and I will go at it.  So long as he does not outright defame me, we shall be fine.  A little tit for tat is not bad for the soul.  I have often thought of befriending him, but that would be dishonest.  I could never be loyal and Jerry expects that.  I am loyal to only my values.  And for the record, I thought the picture of the Imp and I naked was funny as hell.  I'm a nudist.  I was just offended the creator could not imagine me with someone of character - like Marco Rubio - now that would have been funny.

Blogging is very hard if you really care about what you are doing.

To a person everyone I know is demanding I sue the first doctor who tried to remove my gallbladder.  He did nothing wrong.  An incomplete result is not evidence of negligence.

Blogging involves putting public officials and others name in a negative light.  What public officials fail to understand is, they give us the canvas and paint which makes them.  If they do not like the picture change.

If I am going to go after your name, I need to feel good about what I am saying.  There are so many stories I believe to be true, but I refuse because unsubstantiated rumor is not enough to do injury to a person's name.  I will defend my original surgeon to the bitter end because he did nothing wrong.  My liver, gallbladder, infection made for a challenge.  It is almost never gallbladder surgery requires a highly qualified liver surgeon.  It is not like you can stop once you open someone and call around for a highly qualified liver surgeon.  He did what proper protocol required of him at the time - so I defend him.

But in the same way I will defend my original surgeon, I will defend any elected official or anyone running for public office who is being defamed because they refuse to pay for silence, 

I hope Jerry does not go back to the wild side of unsubstantiated claims.  A good writer can be creative and witty about the local color of our politicos without crossing the line of being purely offensive.

I love ME TV because it proves writers could create great shows without shock value.

Now I agree shock value is part of the art form of blogging - but outright lying because someone refused to pay you money is not artistic - it is a sign of intellectual weakness.

God, if you cannot find something negative to write about every elected official in Brownsville and Cameron county you must live as a captive in a cave.  Just look and yea shall find.


brownsville literary review said...

Thanks for the review. Facebook has shown me a new path and I have tried to adhere as best as I can to its expectations. But I have no idea its inner workings. Is it open to political commentary, features, poetry and fiction that allows for a more expansive commentary? I don't know. Legal and personal matters forced me to turn to FB, but everything has been resolved for the moment. I am hoping to take lessons learned from FB and apply them to The McHale Report. I am searching for a new direction. Though I love the nudity, the decapitated heads in Mexico and the bloody remains of American soldiers in our unending wars to remind my audience about life's realities, I am going to attempt to produce a more palatable product. But sometimes when you're drunk or angry or both, you can't resist stabbing someone through the heart. And I think in most cases my readers haven't sympathized with my victims for good reason. The Rio Grande Valley has been formally baptized as the most corrupt region in the United States and we all know that Brownsville is its capital. Ultimately, I am a writer. And secondly, I am a yellow, muckraking journalist. Sometimes in my excesses I am merely telling a political or community leader that I don't respect him or her because he or she is further undermining our impoverished and ignorant Third World City as well as our democratic system. Sometimes that is the most we can do: Show the powerful with words that we are spitting in their faces. It has been an effective strategy at times. Regardless, I have to pen my opinions, poems and prose. This exercise gives meaning and inspiration to my life. Thanks again, Bobby. Our friendship is not important. All the bloggers act as a check and balances on each other. But our work is important. We provide information and insight that the Brownsville Herald refuses to print. That, of course, is to our advantage. I hope your recovery is progressing smoothly.

BobbyWC said...

Just spent an hour watering the endless tropical plants in the backyard. Buster followed me around the best she could. She is being a real trooper. She allows me to give her 100 rubs on her paw three times a day to reduce the fluid build-up. She is not eating - I think her bowels are stopped from the drugs. Since she is getting her bandaged changed again in the morning I am just holding. I do not want to give her anything which will make it worse. She is holding the antibiotics and water, but that is about it.

I do not know why, but I had to go on the painkiller this morning and it is not working.

That Opa sausage for dinner was probably a bad idea.

But I am working - there is so much history on cotton in the LRGV during the civil war. There is a story somewhere there.

I see a young English boy getting separated from his father at the Port of Bagdad and in the process learning the hardship of being a cotton worker in Mexico working the docks and running cotton into Mexico. I see a 120 page short story as he learns he is the same and different from the other 13 year old boys in Mexico, as he searchs out his father, who has been detained by a group of Union soldiers trying to stop the cotton trade out of the Port of Bagdad.

Who know where it goes. It may end up all on the floor.

But my focus is children are children and if given a chance to see each other's life they will realize how all the same we are.

Children are so much smarter than adults.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mchale talks about dying with dignity, how about living with dignity. Beyond his mentality.

BobbyWC said...

What I am about to post I hate because people have a hard time discerning the difference between a philosophical position and defending or trashing someone. One has nothing to do with the other.

The other day I almost did not write "I love Donald Trump", because I know how I will be misquoted. The entire point of the post was I love him because he is hurting the Republicans and not because I agree with him. But I will be misquoted as to its substance.


If you conform to some social construct in terms of how you live your life are you living with dignity? I think not.

Look I can write books on what I dislike about McHale's writings - but I will always defend people being themselves. Life is so very complex.

He lives a more public view of his way of life. Trust me, all the saints out there are not living saintly lives behind closed doors.

We all have our life's dramas. How we live them out is part of who we are. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. But success is not an option if you believe dignity is living by the social construct of the day.

I am single and abstinent because no one will ever be able to reign me in to any type social construct. I live who I am.

McHale has instilled in his kids the discipline of sports. This is something good which lives with children through adulthood. Art is subjective - just because I find something objectionable does not make it so.

I may not like how he writes about some people. It may offend me. I am free to ignore it. I am free to look upon him negatively for it - such is his right as to me.

Dignity is living your life - not pretending to be someone you are not.

Oh sure I can pretend to be someone who will land me a relationship and possibly even marriage - but where would the dignity be in that? I would be cheating myself and the person I claim to love.

I need a person who will allow me to roam wild when I need my space, but who is strong enough to pull me in when I have been out in the wild long enough.

If only such a man existed. Also I get when I roam wild, and I am not talking sex, I am a reflection upon the person I am dating or married to. It's not fair to them. For love of them should I be someone other than myself? No. She they have to suffer the judgment of being with someone who needs to roam wild? No - So I accept my marriage to my community and remaining celibate. It's not perfect, but at least I accept who I am.

You love people for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I see your point about "living your life", but trashing people by being mean and vulgar goes beyond simply conforming to the most basic "social construct". And of course, you are absolutely correct on my not reading his blog if I don't like it.

BobbyWC said...

I suspect we both agree on the meaning of trashing and being vulgar. But at some level, I am not sure where the line is, some people may see it as subjective.

I know it when I see it so I dismiss the commentary. It is better we have this freedom than a wordsmith police unit to tell us what is and is not vulgar. The greatness in freedom is we have the right to reject it and judge those who we believe use it.

Ego goes a long way - Sometimes a desire to be heard - ego - becomes our best editor. But sometimes not. Only time will tell

Thanks for a great comment and adding to the discussion.

Bobby WC