Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well, I am happy to report, I am now trained to change Buster's bandages.  I little bit more than a 1/4 of skin has grown over the open wound.  We still have about an inch.  Buster twice now has had her bandage changed without sedation, so I will now do it at home twice a week and the vet once a week to keep an eye on wound.
I have been holding at a weight loss of 15 pounds since the second gallbladder surgery.  I am just getting back into the pool and my laps so hopefully that will get me another 5 pounds.  Since the bile duct repair I have not had gerd once.  I have not taken anything for acid.  This has changed how my body processes food..

While I am still experiencing jerk breathing, things are a lot better.  From a standing position I am back to swimming the back and forth under water in my pool.  I have always been an underwater swimmer.  I've pushed hard every day and now can do the back and forth again.  I really need a new picture of the pool.  The woodchips left behind by the previous owners have long been replaced by lava rock, and the plants are taller than the house.

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