Monday, July 6, 2015


Because the only picture I can find of Carlos Cisneros on the Internet is not respectable under the circumstances I am using this graphic instead. Rumors as to his cause of death have been posted on the Internet - but I will not deal in a rumor. This is a private matter for the family and if they want us to know they will tell us.


At least he did not pass without purpose.  The Herald for reasons which shock me at about 10 p.m. had this old article on hits web page.

Cris Valadez and Abraham Galonsky are bad people, and in his passing Carlos Cisneros reminds of this truth. 

"BY EMMA PEREZ-TREVI├ĹO: The Brownsville Herald Brownsville Herald

City Commissioner and county worker Carlos Cisneros was warned last year that he should support Cristobal "Cris" Valadez's re-appointment to the PUB or skip the meeting where the issue was discussed.
In an audiotape that surfaced Thursday, local developer Abraham Galonsky is heard urging Cisneros to take action or "they" could retaliate against him.

Galonsky doesn't identify the sources allegedly at work against the commissioner but is heard telling Cisneros that his job with the county's Precinct 2 could be in jeopardy.

"I don't know what they have that they can use against you, but they have something," Galonsky said in one of two recorded conversations Cisneros said he taped.

"Si tu no tienes cola que te pisen, que ... te importa? (If you have nothing to hide, what the ... does it matter to you?)," Galonsky told him.

Galonsky said he didn't know he was being taped when speaking with Cisneros and that he feels betrayed."

Most of us remember when Carlos Cisneros was humiliated when a picture of him in his boxers was posted to the Internet.

Politics in this town is dirty.

Let it be known, Tony Martinez must always be associated with the corrupt Abraham Galonsky, and Carlos Cascos and Pete Sepulveda must always be associated with Cris Valadez.

Carlos Cisneros you did not pass without purpose.  Your passing is forcing us to remember just how evil Abraham Galonsky and Cris Valadez really are.  In your passing, while sad, may actually make Brownsville a better place - because your story tells the truth about those hurting Brownsville and Cameron county.  His family should know he passed with a positive purpose. 


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May he rest in peace.