Wednesday, July 8, 2015


What are the odds?- a second gallbladder surgery nearly 4 years to the day later, and Buster needing emergency surgery on the same day.

The hardest part of the day will be hoping the vet calls me before they take my cell phone away about 10:30 a.m.  The surgery will be a lot less stressful if I know she is okay and recovering.  Then I will be worried sick until I get home - no one takes care of their kids like their parent.

The cone is no longer a challenge.  Buster is smart.  I took it off because she was having a hard time learning to drink with it on.  I got distracted and about 30 minutes later I found her in the bedroom bleeding a lot.  She was going at it.  It took about 15 minutes of compression with a wet washcloth, but I had it under control.  I then used a clean cotton clothe to maintain the compression.  She was all cooperative when I put the cone back on.  She now knew what the cone was for.  I do take it off to allow her to go out.  She will not go if she cannot smell the ground.  She is all cooperative when I put it back on - not a sound.  Funny how fast she learned why she needs the cone.

But now I have to hope the people who will be in and out will be as diligent with the cone after her surgery.  I will worry every second - is she eating? - is she drinking? - did they remember to put the cone back on? 

The tumor appears engorged with blood.  I am worried the vet may have very limited options.  It would be nice if there is a way he can encapsulate it for the rest of her life without removing it. 

Her being at home alone a lot of the time recovering while I am in the hospital will have me worried 24/7.  I do have people who will be with her on and off during the day, but it is not the same as 24/7.

Anyway as to myself in a perfect normal gallbladder removal you go home the next day.  Last time I was in the hospital for a week.  The surgeon has been honest - he has no idea what to expect until he gets in there.  If he has to relocate the bile duct, that will mean extra down time.  Remember the first surgeon had a lot of experience and with a full open surgery he could not get to the entire gallbladder.   This surgeon is a liver/organ transplant specialist.  I told him to cut me 12 inches if he must to get at it - it is not like anyone is yelling "hey sexy" at the beach so one more scar will not matter.

Well no idea when I will be back to blogging.  I will have my laptop and lots of work with me.  I told family and friends to stay away.  I need them at the house with Buster.  Also driving the Edinburg to watch me like a zoo animal and engage in small talk will not help.  Best to leave me alone to recover, read and work.

BUT DO NOT FORGET - coloring books, crayons, and play-doh - us old people understand.


BobbyWC said...

buster awake. they removed the tumor. i just do not know if they were able to close the skin the vet could not speak. im waiting to be taken into operating room.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Bobby! Many of us appreciate what you do for our community.

BobbyWC said...

im pissed they put me in a closed door room with button to call nurse i have no.idea ho lomg i wad screamomg.paom