Monday, July 6, 2015


"But in Cuba, the chances are now practically nil. On June 30, Cuba became the first country to receive what can be seen as a global seal of approval — the World Health Organization validation — for essentially eliminating transmission of AIDS from a mother to her baby. (Cuba has eliminated transmission of syphilis as well.)"

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The article does note other countries are also reaching the same mark, but Cuba was the first to undergo the formal evaluation.

Cuba provides doctors to third world countries all over the world.  They take pride, within their financial limits caused by the U.S. boycott, in their healthcare system.

I do not get it - I can travel to any number of Arabic countries which finance ISIS, and China which indirectly sells ISIS a lot of their weapons, but I cannot freely travel to Cuba because this tiny little island off the coast of Florida presents a threat to the U.S.  Saudi Arabia continues to violate the human rights of its citizens and in particular foreign nationals who all but work as slaves for abusive Saudi families, and the U.S. remains silent.  But if Cuba arrests someone for dissent, it is a basis to prevent me from travelling to Cuba at will.

When was the last time Cuba beheaded someone in a public square and left the body there for everyone to see.  "Highly visible: Executions in Saudi Arabia are carried out in public, mostly by beheading with a sword. The country has now executed its 100th person this year"

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When it comes to Cuba the major human rights abusers are the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Deal with it guys - the Batistas lost - it is time to move on and stop punishing the innocent people of Cuba.

I am very proud of President Obama moving forward on Cuba.  With the opening of the Embassy, American corporations are scrambling to work with Embassy officials to initiate additional trade.  Hoteliers are complaining Europe is making all the money on new hotels while U.S. owners are being left behind.

It is a formality when I will be on that plane enjoying the people, food, history and beaches of Cuba.

Guys, Cuba is not perfect - it has dissent problems.  But look at what they have accomplished under a boycott.  They have ended the transmission of HIV to babies from their mothers.  Does not saving babies count for something?  With US tourism, the need to dissent will decrease because as we all know - money rules.  U.S. dollars will make Cuba a better place and in the end is that not what human rights is all about.  Is not prosperity as important or even more important than the right to complain.

 Here in Brownsville, does our right to complain amount to anything?  Nope.

I'm coming Cuba - and we will party.

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